what to call "it"?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mmmmgood422, Aug 3, 2003.


what to call it?

  1. sex

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  2. fucking

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  3. making love

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  4. the dance of the peacocks

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  5. a hungover morning and an empty wallet

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  6. sleeping with so-and-so

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  7. an unrealized fantasy only to haunt my virgin thoughts for eternity

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  1. is that really what you call it? anyways i cant edit it now.
  2. Well...there\'s:


    Making sweet love down by the fire!

    Fucking like animals!

    ...definiteltynot the dance of the peacocks. We have peacocks here in TN and we still don\'t call it that!

    It mostly depends on who you\'re with, I think.
  3. allright, it SO depends on the mood and occasion...I mean on occasion, I like to have sex. and sometimes I like to have ravishing pasionate sex...I love, love, love, to make looooove. a good fuck is goooood toooo...;) oh yeah lol...
    and pretty much can tell you an unrealized fantasy only to haunt my virgin thoughts for eternity....lol....
    sooo...I cant vote. boo hoo :( on the plus side, I am all hot and bothered!!! :p :p
  4. I\'m all hot and bothered too!

  5. ooooooooooooh LMAO thats what I forgot! lmao! rumjillolush, it was something about being wet.....

    lol,...now I gotta remember what *exactly* it was about being wet....

    thnx obilv...lol ;)

  6. Yep...calling it that will make me your ex real fucking quick!
  7. I know!
  8. Making the \"beast with two backs\"?

    Those two always cracked me up.
  9. well there is 3 types too...

    making love...

    having sex...

    then just straight Fucking...

    all depends on whats goin on...:D
  10. <ralph wiggum>Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and then the baby looked at me!</ralph wiggum>
  11. kmon.... most of the time its just FUCKING (most of the time :) )
  12. depends.... with who and wut the relationship is between the 2 people having sex....
  13. nookey...
  14. Sometimes we call it humpin\' ...or \"gettin humps.\"
  15. hahah bumpin nasties ;)
  16. gettin laid....

    layin some pipe

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