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  1. Yo GC,

    I'm getting my monthly $120 at the end of this month and would appreciate it if you guys would give me some input on what I should buy.:smoke:

    Option 1 - Buy 5 g's of No-Name Dank, and a small piece.
    Option 2 - Buy an eigth of No-Name Dank, and 4 g's of mids, and a small piece.
    Font changed but I dont care this is the 3rd fucking time writing this because of my gay ass laptop...
    Back on Topic...

    Option 3 - 4 g's of shrooms, and 4 g's of mids (or 2 g's mids and 1 g Dank)

    Option 4 - Buy all the KY Jelly I can find, gargle it all in my throat, then vomit it into a semi-retarded turtles asshole....

    Thanks and Happy Tokin':smoke:
  2. option 4 for sure.

    question, do you need a small piece?
  3. Yes the small piece is being bought either way, for I need something little for when I am by myself and feel like smoking.
    Thanks for your input man.
  4. 3. Mushies rock.
  5. It would be my first experience with them aswell.
    Thanks for your opinion.:smoke:

  6. got some jokesters..

    we used to do that in HS on those voting boards with the lil remotes, a teacher would be like a or b and everyone would pick c, d, or e.

  7. option 6- profit.
  8. I'd go with three too. But make sure you wait to smoke until about an hour after you eat your shrooms. Otherwise the weed high and the shroom high might counteract eachother. Or not.
  9. well, if you are going to buy the piece either way, do option 2 or 3. number 3 just because i want to try shrooms haha.
  10. Mushrooms are a blast, I've never had a bad experience on them, and I ate a half oz and I couldnt move for a couple of hours and just tripped balls and loved it. They are a very spiritual experience, trust me. :)

    Have a good trip, and enjoy the herb..:smoke::smoke:
  11. weed makes the trip even better, i concur with waiting to smoke until youre trippin :smoke:
  12. if u have never tried shrooms B4 def option 3
  13. I'll keep that in mind man,
    Thanks for the advice:smoke:
  14. i would say option 3
  15. Half an ounce, holy toothbrush tits man!
    Thanks for your input aswell, I think Ill just eat 2 g's lol.:smoke:
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    No problem man, that's what this forum is for. :) Yeah, but I can't really remember how many times I've eaten them in the past year, lol. Taking a small amount is a great idea, especially for your first time.. but I know some people that always seem to want to eat more as their high just begins to kick in. I would even make a 1/4 oz into tea and drink it between 2 people to have a mild trip. (1/8 of an oz each) Enjoy though, they are very fun believe me. :smoke::smoke:

    Happy toking GC
  17. option 3, 4 grams of shrooms, and 2 grams of dank

    edit: make a poll its easier
  18. You should go with option 3. I want some mushrooms so bad. This is the first time in years I cant find any since my main connect's looking at prison. I can usually go through other people though. But yea, I say mushrooms and bud, it's a great combo.
  19. I feel ya man, my dealer who hooked me up with some good deals on mids got busted.
    I'm now leaning towards 3 though, and I wish you luck with a new shroom connect.
    Thanks and Happy Tokin':smoke:

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