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Discussion in 'General' started by Spark It29, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I found a $10 itunes gift card and I don't know what to use it on. I used to use an iphone but I've moved onto android. Will I be able to transfer what I buy to my galaxy s2? I'm assuming so but apple has weird limitations.

    But what should I buy?
  2. You can buy music on it and then just transfer it on your phone. But apple is a selfish pos and makes it annoying as fuck to use itunes with non apple phones/mp3 players so you'll probably have to transfer it to another program first or something.
  3. Anything you buy on itunes can only be synced to an apple product.

    And personally, I would save the ten. Because if you buy another $10 card you can buy a movie :D
  4. Haha yes Apple does have "weird" limitations when it comes to being compatible with Samsung devices :rolleyes:. You won't be able to transfer any apps, but you can transfer your music library if you save the songs to a different file format or some shit. Google it. I don't know what you should buy though.

  5. True that I was about to a movie but didn't realize they were $20. The Dark Knight is only $10 right now though..

  6. `Probably to pre-order, they can`t legally sell you a movie that is currently in theaters.

  7. lol shit I just meant the Dark knight haha
  8. Buy that bro! great movie :smoke:
  9. Fuck buying music from itunes....

    You have an itouch or anyhting? you can just spend it on apps :smoke:
  10. Wow, just checked the iTunes, look at all this stuff! You should buy the Forrest Gump soundtrack
  11. i'm buying a galaxy s3 tomorrow. just saying :D
  12. [quote name='"Blaze"']Anything you buy on itunes can only be synced to an apple product.

    this is untwisted to android but my sister buys her music on iTunes but she has a windows phone and zune automatically syncs what's on iTunes to zune. o:

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