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What to buy off Dr Chronic (drchronic.com)

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by troll mafia, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. i was thinking about these http://www.drchronic.com/code/products.asp?recid=186&catid=11

    This would be my first time growing and I need there to be the lowest amount of smell and not a huge amount of work to be needed. I prefer a sativa over indica. I am trying to buy something off the $15 range, any suggestions?
  2. I have ordered this idiot in the past too, but this time this POS took my money and got a smart ass attitude in an e-mail, and also flat out lied about the money order's status. He cashed the money order 30 days ago!! and I still haven;t received a single e-mail from this POS yet. He took the money plain and simple. He doesn't even have the courtsey of returning a customer's e-mail. Just order from Dope Seeds from now on, and you will be fine. Dr. Chronic is a thief!!!

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