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What to build for quick cash??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TacticHead, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I'm sorry if I post this in the wrong section I don't really know where to post it :/ Well, I don't have a job (I'm currently searching for one) and I was wondering if you guys could help me out with ideas of things to build (preferably out of wood) and sell online for some quick cash? :)
  2. Birdhouses and bird tables go down well around here. Plus the birds really appreciate it. Good Christmas gifts too.

    I'm sure if you put together some nice stash box, you'd have some customers on this forum. Good luck man.
  3. furniture
    tv stand
  4. build homes...
  5. a wooden dildo. HEY, you could start your own online store where you sell wooden sex toys!
  6. im being serious man.... :/
  7. i make wooden chillums that are pretty slick

    wooden spoons are easy

    if you have access to a willow tree you can make wooden whistles
  8. You build me mystery box from nazi zombie (call of duty) that makes the noise and lights, you got my $500.00

    Has to fit binelli m4.
  9. Fingerbox
  10. What is going to be QUICK about fashioning a wooden object and obtaining currency through an online purchase?
  11. Wooden trees.
  12. Pipes with elaborate carvings
  13. Better yet, just sell some possessions that you already own. Except if this money is for something weed-related. Don't do that.
  14. Craiglist my friend...Craigslist....

    And thanks for all the ideas I'll try some :D
  15. Letmegooglethatforyou... okaycopypaste

    #1. Step Stool.
    #2. Clock.
    #3. Cutting boards.
    #4. Workbench.
    #5. Deck Box (outdoor storage for yard toys for the back yard).
    #6. BBQ Prep Cart.
    #7. Jewelery Chest.
    #8. Hall Shelf / Coat Hook Tree.
    #9. Picture Frame.
    #10. Blanket Chest.
    #11. Toy vehicles, cars, trucks, trains, boats etc...
    #12. Planter Boxes.
    #13. Cabinet pull out assemblies for kitchen / bath upgrades.
    #14. Band Saw Boxes.
    #15. Bowls
    #16. Platters.
    #17. Pens
    #18. Ice Cream Scoops.
    #19. Mail Box covers.
    #20. Holiday Lawn Ornaments.... GNOMES!!!!

  16. He's going with the wooden dildo idea i knew it!
  17. dude make some cheap ass tables.]

    Never heard of the old saying, Everyone needs to buy tables frequently.
  18. Go around looking in your neighbors trash for scrap copper,aluminum, stainless steel,etc easy and free cash
  19. 1:knit hats
    3: profit
  20. wooden xbox controller

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