what to bring to a job orrientation?

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  1. Hey guys, I got a job at a waterpark as a food cashier.

    When they called me to say I got the job they told me to bring a few things. One was a social security card. I forgot what else, I was high at the time. I don't want to call back and ask them and sound like I don't pay attention lol.

    Anyone have a clue? Appreciated!
  2. I worked at a waterpark for 3 summers, it sucked but i'll probably go back this summer if i can't find another job by the end of this month. All i remember giving them was my social security and my drivers license.

    Where ya workin bud? pm me if you dont wanna let people know ha im just curious.
  3. your driver license?
  4. A smile and a positive attitude
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    A copy of the card or the actual card?
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    That was my guess, just want to be sure. Thx for the input
  7. A pen. Always bring a pen. Everywhere.
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    Fersure, thx bro
  9. A copy, but i just carried it with me and they scanned it. "It's totally green that way" - Charlie Kelly :D:rolleyes:
  10. 1 iPod
    2 Bagels w/ bacon-horseradish cream cheese
    3 Fish Sandals

  11. did they get refrences from you? I'v oddly had a couple places ask after they hired me for things like that -add a small note pad to the above list. another guy I knew just had them, also ask for his birth certificate at his most recent job. good luck
  12. Your bank account number, for the payroll staff to know where you want your wages to go.
  13. I made a copy of my social security card and lisence. Should I make one of my birth certificate as well?
  14. I think it wouldn't hurt - I never had that requested of me but that other friend di and I'm thinking it may be a new thing. never hurts to make a copy and if they want original you can bring them later. some times they as for the high school deploma...and as said ID/licence...pen , small notebook....good luck- is this your first job? make sure your sober and pay atterntion on this first day.
  15. Light a blunt during interview
  16. simply can not start a job with out fish sandals.
  17. later that may be ok I've had friends smoke blunts with their bosses- lol- but..... and yes - the fish sandles...
  18. I smoke with my managers all the time but i mean say youre interviewing someone, you dont kno anything about them and they just light a blunt haha id be like youve got the job

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