What time of the day is the best to smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazingZombiess, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. In my opinion i always Like to smoke in the mornings, but im always burnt out by the afternoon.... Thats why i think im leaning more torwards the night scene/setting, i feel like when its dark and the suns down everything seems so calm and at peace; and i feel like i always need my night bowl XD
  2. always have been a midnight toker. can't do it during the day.
  3. i've spent too much time thinking about this question. after a long time and many decision changes, i've finally decide that there is no best time to smoke. like anything else related to smoking weed, you have to keep things fresh. smoking in the morning is great, but if you only smoke in the morning every day, and then one day you smoke at night instead, that night sesh is gonna be awesome and you'll want to smoke at night every time.

    so you then you smoke at night every day, and eventually get bored and one day smoke in the morning, and it will be amazing and then you want to smoke every morning.

    there really is no right answer, you just have to mix things up.
  4. all of it? im a midnight toker (when i have fucking weed, im so fucking tired...) i cant sleep without it. i just lay in bed till i get up basically. i went to bed at 12:30 and just laid there till 3... now here i am lol. i have to smoke at night now because i live at home but ive smoked a few times during the day and its meh.
  5. Every time of day is the best time to smoke...
  6. i agree but i love it in the early morning right before the sun starts to come up. i can hear the freeway off in the distance and as traffic gets busier those sounds gets louder...and then you have all the birds and other things chirping and as the sun starts to get higher and higher, you are smoking along, getting higher and higher and then day seems to begin right before your eyes...hard t explain it but im fucked up rite now :)
  7. no need to explain. i know exactly what you mean. i'm lucky and have a big grass field behind my house so usually right around dawn every day there is a sweet ground fog too. and i also live near a highway. and, next to the field is a creek and plenty of trees and stuff, and my neighbor has a bunch of birdfeeders and i have a birdbath. so there are zillions of birds of all kinds of varieties all over the place all the time. i also really enjoy watching the squirrels waking up and scavenging and playing.
  8. 4:20pm or 4:20am both are just as good. :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  9. Whenever you feel like getting high.
  10. the best time to smoke is when weed i epic. thats when.
  11. My favorite time to smoke is in the afternoon on a beautiful spring day. The sun warms me while I'm stoned and I look at all the beautifull plants and flowers and the blue sky. It's all so beautiful. But I love to smoke at night as well.

    I also really like smoking on rainy days in my car in my driveway ha. Something about the rain makes it a very peaceful environment for me.
  12. Wake and bake and late night tokes
    are my favorite . :D
  13. morning and night
  14. Every Day
    All Day
  15. My personal preference on weekdays is when I've come home for the day. Weekends, however, anything goes.
  16. Early in the morning just after sunrise or at dusk.
  17. Word, I was thinking about this myself I've gotten a high tolerance too so it's getting expensive, I kill a quarter in less than a week.
  18. I always smoke at night you get nice and high and avoid the comedown, when i smoke in the morning or lunch time i get high and then i'm just kinda tired throughout the day.
  19. Mid afternoon for me! not really a morning toker

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