What time of day to harvest?

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  1. Headlamps are perfect for trimming. If you dont have one a regular lamp will suffice.

    Take your time time cutting and trimming, its a major part of the hobby and is fun as well. Dont man handle those nugs while cutting or transporting! 😃
  2. Yes it is true that the productions of starches and sugars(Starch itself is a just a conglomerate of different sugars) cease in the foliar sections of the plant as the sunlight recedes and the plant then begins diverting energy to the root system for nutrient uptake and root establishment(This process actually begins while the sun is still setting). There is a period of time during this process that the plant drains energy and starches to the root system to stimulate growth, and this leaves the flower with a lesser density. However a key point to understand before the harvesting process is that those sugars and starches are vital to the flavor and potency of your product!
    As the plant dries and cures, the living material within the plant is still performing processes to sustain itself. These proccesses break down the polysaccharides for energy, leaving behind flavorful and aromatic terpenes and other flavorants. Outdoor plants on a minimal nutrient program dont often produce starches in excess as they are divulging too much energy combating nature; this is a common mistake for those new to outoor growing or new to growing in general so it is very important to establish healthy starch production early on in the flowering stage and maintain it throughout. Healthy production is easy to maintain with sugary mixes such as molasses(in measured doses) and pre-mixed solutions, and the process is also simple to track through the progression of your plants aromatic potency.
    So when it comes to harvest, it is key that you pull the plant after the plan has begun winding down for the day but before it drains all energy from the flower. This reduces the starch toxcicity without eliminating it, allowing for good scent and flavor retention with a smooth burn.
    And if you think your spending too much on nutrients, you are.
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