What time of day to harvest?

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  1. I pick my tomato's late in the day, as the flavor is at its peak. In the afternoon the trichromes seem to be most extended/erect and bright. What say the experts here?
  2. It really doesnt matter.

  3. Some-one told me that the sugars an shit goes to the roots at night or something so thats the best time. dunno if its right tho im still on my first grow and not harvested yet so ill let you know if its true when ive harvested :)
  4. Don't think anyone truly knows for sure, but I can say that my plants SMELL the best in the morning...so considering this I can only assume that the oils and sugars that make your cannabis great are in full effect at this time. Again, this is only speculation..
  5. best to chop them at night time or very early in the morning before the sun rises so that starches and sugars remain in the roots. starches and sugars move down to the roots at night because the plant is not making food without the sunlight. starches and sugars make your bud taste harsh. MAIN POINT: Harvest before sunrise
  6. whoever said it dont matter, wrongo. according to hightimes growing editor for this month its best to harvest just before sunrise because durring the dark hours the plants "sleep" and much of the bad sugars and any nutes and such that may be left after the flush drain into the root durring the night. if you harvest then they wont have time to get back into your ganj after daylight and thus you will have a better tasting herb.
  7. he..erect
  8. I say that is wrongo, hightimes is a mag full of gimmicks...

    I have grown for over 10 years indoors and out, I have harvested the same crops in stages at night and day...and surprise no difference in taste or quality.

    Cannabis plants do not store sugars and nutrients on the root zone, the are not potatoes.

    The key to a tasty harvest is knowing how to successfully cure your weed after harvest.
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  9. And there you have it...thread ended.
  10. Some conflicting views here.
  11. Agreed hashmouf - day or night, no discernible difference.

    And totally agree 100% with your second comment - drying and curing properly is the total key to tasty bud. This is why our home grown is so much better than street weed - it is properly prepared.
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    well, to bring this topic around again... I am aware that resin production typically occurs during the night as resin is produced mainly to protect against cold and a product (obviously) of flowering plants, also directly correlated with altitude + length of grow season.

    With that said, I am curious as to how the Xylem sap moving up the plant in the early mornings affects nutrient transfer in the bud. I don't really see a difference in night or day harvesting for taste factors, as it's mostly strain and curing dependence. Also, as long as the plants are properly flushed.. this is also a key difference maker, a given for anyone who knows what they're doing; therefore not really a factor for most of us.

    The two main components of this I am interested in are seeming to be the amount of water content in the buds during the day which is directly affected by Xylem sap. It is important to note that Xylem sap carries large amounts of water up the plants structure to the stomati, and the pressure is highest right before the stomata open to transpire. Along with water, many inorganic molecules possibly some of the sugars/carbo move from root to flowers/leaves does this effect the overall potency? What is the effect on the trichomes.. cloudier perhaps?

    Some plants have chemicals that release as early detectors of water deficiency which is pretty neat, they act before the lack in hydraulics is even noticeable (apparently) to the plant and it's structure. Tangent, but in relation to xylem sap.

    This topic seems to have many viewpoints

    Therefore, my questions rests as... If there is more water in the plant during the day, how does this affect harvesting and curing. If there are more inorganic molecules in the plant after day-break how does this affect any of the above?

    I'll finish by saying I typically harvest in the night, though my last outdoor harvest was in the morning hours after day-break so transpiration was already processing.
  13. whenever the least amount of people can see you hauling away your stash.
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  14. Probably the most important factor of all...LOL.
  15. indeed, but...anyone with any further plant or cellular chemistry knowledge that can shed some light and put this to sleep?
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    Look I been growing herbs for years, I am a chef..before I ever grew any weed. Almost everyone who ever grew herbs knows that the best time to harvest is the very butt-crack of dawn before the heat from the sun(lights) begins to take some of the moisture from the plant that is full of essential oils from the dark period... You cannot go wrong harvesting the plant first thing in the AM before the lights come on.
  17. thanks for the reply, that makes the most sense. looking around it also seems to apply to cannabis, I just wasn't entirely sure, wanted some feedback as I wasn't completely sold on it yet. I still wonder at the science behind it, the whole xylem sap system is pretty cool.
  18. I harvest around 11 a.m. By then the morning dew has evaporated off the colas and there are enough hours left in the day to manicure and put on the drying racks. All I can handle is about 3 hours of trimming per day or my back and shoulders act up.
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    For those who insist on harvesting in the morning, I have a stupid question.  How do you see?  I assume people cut stems outside and bring the rest in for at least taking off the fan leaves and setting up to dry.  Need some light, no?

    I think I need to at least partially harvest my girl tomorrow.  Top buds look way more mature than the bottom, trichomes, too.  Whatever I do, I'm not going to uproot the whole plant, even if I take all the buds. Going to snip off stems, paper bag it and bring it up to trim and hang. Sunrise is officially around 6:50, with twilight about 6:20.  So should I get my butt out there at 6:20?  Is it bad if I'm still struggling at 8?  And what about when I bring it in?  People must work with some sort of light to trim and set everything up to dry, no?


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