what time is it?

Discussion in 'General' started by gravy, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. i dunno... im just a little high,drunk and bored........but what else is new....

    i was randomly just wondering what time is it.....from where ever you all are?:D

    12:56 ny
  2. I hate time and you go and make a thread devoted to it. ~geez~

    It's 1:01 am!


  3. 10:30,no1 is awake and i wanna get high but im dry:(
  4. It's time to get stoned!!!!!!!
  5. its millertime baby! :D
  6. no no no...u all have it wrong....its always 4:20 hehehe

  7. well at least budhead has the right idea;p
  8. 830pm here.

    and im doing NOTHING!!!

    well, not nothing, im posting on board numero uno !! with all my fellow blades!

  9. Out of weed again eh?
  10. 19:04

    ....who cares.

    *glug glugl lgu*

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