what things make u trip HARD

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  1. theres a bunch of ex- merry pranksters in my town

    and the acid they get is.....well....

    if god jizzed on a sugar cube

    if that makes any sense
  2. If you are truly a psychonaut and you're willing to explore dosages yourself (since the research in this area is so sparse) and risk all sorts of psychological and sometimes physical damage, then there is a galaxy of Research Chemicals out there that will change your life more than you could ever imagine.

    Acid can take you about 1/3 of the way down the rabbit-hole, if you take enough. Certain RC's can take you the rest of the way. But to be honest, if you're not already on that path then I don't recommend starting it. Your life will never be the same.
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    The other day I was wondering what my life would be like if I never experimented with psychedelics, and I can't say it would be better, but what I can say is that the things I now know do not match up with the things the rest of the world thinks they know. This makes me sad, even depressed at times. The world is all backwards.

    That doesn't share much light on the subject, words are a poor way of explaining these feelings.
  4. They jizzed on acid cubes and sold them to you? I may have missread that, but prankster and jizz in the same story often dont end well.

  5. 2C-E was for me. Different people, different effects.

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