what things make u trip HARD

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  1. Like what things make u see things like intense visuals
    lsd yeah but its not the 60's anymore here in florida lsd is all dummed down and barely dose anything

    basicly i wanna unlock my mind sort of speak with out burning it out:D
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    Only thing thats ever made me REALLY see things was salvia.

    Shrooms kinda fucks with things that are already there. Like I usually see faces on the back of cars made outta the headlights and what not.

    On salvia my entire arm was made of pencils...each finger was a pencil.

    Salvia doesnt really unlock your mind...it just makes weird unpredictable things appear.

    Shrooms will unlock you...im sure acid too
  3. In my personal oppinion, If you really want to unlock different doors of perception in your mind... Go with the shrooms.

    If you want to trip hard but be chill and have an easy to control trip, then do LSD.

    Shrooms can be a horrible mind fuck if your not in the right state of mind.
  4. 2C-E and Salvia are my favorites, but those aren't really spiritual "free your mind" type trips.
  5. lsd or dmt.
  6. salvia isnt that great imo, you see some crazy shit but it doesnt really open your mind...

    i would reccomend shrooms, you usually wont see things that straight up arent there but things that are there will be altered if that makes any sense. I enjoy shrooms more for the mindset and the way i think when i am on them than the visuals but its all great :wave: hope this helps!
  7. DMT and datura.

    But god dam dont do the last one.
  8. fuck salvia and datura its all about psilocybin and lsd.
  9. Sounds like you need some DMT friend.

    Hey Alexy, you done DMT? If so, Chrystal or ayahausca?
  10. well, i could go on for ever,but hey lets keep it simple.

    DMT will make you trip harder than you ever have before,if you do it right.

    if you get some real potent LSD-25 you'll trip the fuck out,its starting to get harder an harder to come around these days.

    also DOB holy fucking shit,that will make you trip the fuck out real hard,i did it once and i was tripping to hard i was with some annoying ppl that weren't tripping,so i left my self from the house with a guitar and had a life changing experience,also got horrible HTTP from that night.

    i ventured off to the unknown somewhere in the woods.
  11. Find good LSD.
    Or do shrooms.
    Or DMT.
  12. I got stuck on my roof while on 2C-E.. Me and my friend got up on my 7' roof with a 5' ladder, but we couldn't get back down because we were tripping so hard and you really have to steady yourself to get down safe.

    We ended up jumping off my roof which was FUCKING INSANE. Such a good trip on 2C-E, I would choose it over anything.

  13. lol hahaha,you jumped off the roof,thats great

    Edit***what were you doing on your roof?
  14. I used to go up on my roof and smoke all the time, at night and during the day when no one was home.

    It's got the gravel looking shit on the top which is trippy as fuuuck when you're peaking, and we were up there for about 2 hours smoking cigarettes and bowls 3 houses away from a big school in my city.
  15. shrooms, acid and and some dank does the trick for me. Opiates make me tweak not trip,
  16. Opiates shouldn't make you trip, and I can't see anybody tweaking off of real opiates
  17. Morphine, codeine and demerol will make me tweak.

    They feel just like adderall but more euphoric and nauseous.
  18. Weird. When i did salvia for my first time my teeth felt like pencil tips.
  19. they feel nothing like adderall cuz they arent stimulants but depressants. if they dont make you nod youre not taking enough.
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    Don't tell me about how drugs make me feel bro I take plenty of stims and amphetamines, and I know what that shit feels like.

    Oxy and synthetics are what make me nod, and morphine, codeine and their derivatives make me feel speed up. Its just my body.

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