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What Things Do You Have In Your Possession When Smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by YourRoyalHighness, May 30, 2013.

  1. I smoke in my bathroom, and the things I have in my possession when smoking is:
    A nice fat blunt (or a bong/bowl)
    incense holder and a pack of incense sticks
    small personal fan
    scented candle
    big glass of ice water

  2. Bowl
    Eye drops
  3. -Spliff
  4. vape
  5. A bong or a pipe or a joint
    a lighter
    something to drink
    A TV
    online porn or GC forum.
  6. Smoke buddy
    2pc grinder
    Nag champa
  7. Weed bluntwrap lighter ipod dna-headphones
  8. lighter, bong and a pipe always unless im going for a bike ride then ill either make a joint or ill just use my handy dandy crack pipe
  9. lighter this pipe i call a surfboard and some rhoto eye drops and recently went on an ice and twizzler kick
  10. if your trying to conceal the smell, using a blunt isn't exactly ideal.
  11. I just have a box like kit with everything weed related in there. I just take it all out and use whatever I need.
    Zong, pipe, lighters, grinders, papers, wick, so on.
  12. My bowl, lighter, incense, fan, a sploof (sometimes) and a cup to dump the ashes in.
  13. Weed in jar
    Multiple lighters in pocket
    iPod in pocket with headphones on
    Cell phone
    Drink usually a sports bottle for drinking on the go
    And sometimes chloroseptic spray if I'm getting harsh hits.
  14. Such a shit topic. This kind of thing can help the po-po
  15. i always try to have something to snack on within arms reach
    also i dont like losing my phone because of the paranoia i might have been called or texts, also its flashlight is pretty handy
    also if im not home i try to have earphones on me because i love music while high
  16. It takes one to know one. <.<
  17. 1. Bong or oil rig
    2. Flowers or errl 
    3. Herb Iron or torch 
    4. My cell phone, usually for photos or milk vids! 
  18. Weed in my grinder, iPhone for tunes, bowl, lighter and water
  19. bubbler
    hemp wick
  20. i usually have
    -sometimes a sploof & deodorant spray

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