What? They're just batteries...

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  1. I just drove to the dollar store to buy some batteries for my Turtle Beach X31 headset, and I normally buy 5 packs of 8 batteries (40) a month because they're always on my head playing music or a movie etc. And I walk in, there are only 5 packs left and I just grab them all not thinking of anything.

    It was pretty crowded in there also. Anyway, I start getting these dirty looks and shit from everybody, so I payed for them and GTFO lol. I stopped by my fathers house to see how he was, and told him the story.

    He laughed and told me that batteries contain a chemical that make a very cheap, tweaky drug. :eek: And i'm 117 Lbs. 6'1. I guess people started painting a picture haha. But fuck that other shit, I got MJ I would never cheat on her :smoke:

    TL;DR Buy 40 batteries for headset, get dirty looks, batteries contain certain chemical, go home smoke weed.
  2. Dude rechargeable batteries will save you so much money
  3. Damn Tweakers...
    Ill stick to mary jane :)
  4. rechargable would save you money.

    but if you dont like them cuz they sometimes are shitty if not charged correctly, at home depot they got like packs of 25 batteries for like i think 20 bucks. just get two of those
  5. Triton all the way!
  6. Dollar store batteries suck ass anyway, they don't have much energy in them. Also avoid dollar store razors, they work but are harsh on the skin.

    I do however love the dollar store, Dollar Tree. They got great shit and EVERYTHINGS $1.

  7. Hell yea, I rock that Triton Ax720. :smoke:
  8. Ok I might go for the rechargeable ones. How long do they last/take to charge?
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    Its a system. Whenever your using two, you charge the other two. Or you can charge them all together. But usually 2hrs. Most chargers, have a light that let's you know when there ready!
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    what wutt? That's what's up ^_^

  11. this bruh.

    i got a x31 myself. nd been savin hella money.

    thank you amazon!. lol
  12. Get the charger nd batteries package.

    If you need additional rechargeable ones buy an extra pack of rechargeable batteries. They make double AA and triple AAA without the charger so its more cost effective
  13. Thanks all!
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    who the FUCK uses batteries for drugs. now ive heard everything. whats next? we'll have to ID people for buying plastic cups.

    *freeze dirtbag, drop it, drop the 4:99 6 pack cups you junkie. get the hell outta here.

  15. Hahahahaha!!!! for real!:D
  16. You skinny son-nuhf-a-bitch

  17. NOt cool man not cool
  18. i guess op is the first person to never experience the munchies.
  19. I use rechargable for my x31s, saves a ton of money, to bad I always forget to recharge em. :p
  20. it's kind of sad that the fact you go through and throw out 40 batteries a month (which is pretty wasteful, come on.. what if we all did that) isn't the most upsetting part of your post. you're 6'1" and 117lbs.. wtf?

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