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possible to grow a plant this large as on http://www.advancedhydro.com?

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  1. Hi All,

    I have been growing for about 1 year now (3 crops) but I came across this site (http://www.advancedhydro.com) and saw this massive plant!
    Is this possible according to you guys?

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  2. Absolutly...some strains can actually reach heights over 15 feet....break out the ropes on that one in the pic ,,when it gets flowered it is going to go nuts....

  3. Had an "Early Pearl" last season that reached 9 foot! yield was only about 600gram. But excellent quality!
    Planted another this year, and it's coming on well!
  4. Holy Spliffs, Batman!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You said it BPP!!!!
  6. yeah thats rediculous.. I wish I had a green thumb like that

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