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Discussion in 'General' started by blazindrake, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. ok, i am a regular smoker, i have smoked every day for almost a year now, only missing a day or two here and there. but this past thanksgiving weekend i went on a trip to VT to see family, i had no weed, and i didnt plan on smoking because i was going to be spending all my time with family.

    everything went great and i had an awesome time.

    today i woke up and drove home 5 hours.

    but, i am noticing something, everything looks different, and has a different vibe. i dont know how to explain it, like everything looks the same, but it doesn't. kind of like when your high. but not really.

    is this because i havnt smoked in like 4 days after going on a year long weed binge? was it the 5 hour drive? or am i just seeing the world differently because i went on a trip and saw new places?

    has this ever happened to any of you?

    its fucking weird. but not in a bad way, but also not a good way, its just different, like a new perspective, its impossible to describe.

    any thoughts?
  2. Shit... did you take the blue pill?
  3. That same thing happened to me once when i was driving somewhere, I eventually came to the conclusion that for the past couple of weeks I had been high almost all the time and I just wasn't used to being sober. I actually kind of enjoyed it after that and ended up taking a break for a month.
  4. I am too right now, feeling weird. Took a shower earlier, got dressed and stuff, and I was sweating buckets so I already changed my shirt once after showering.. I trimmed my arm pits so i wouldn't get too sweaty, and I started sweating on my back. I am ok now, was able to down some thanksgiving leftovers. I haven't smoked much yesterday, and today i havent almost at all, if you count two half sized resin rips and I am feeling that way.

    Its your senses, perception, and your somatic whole that is recovering, or re-adapting to how it was previously.

    Currently waitin on a blunt call from a friend and then off to see role models, but i might just stay home and watch marathons of Celebrity Fit Club with the jewish guy trippin out about bein called a nazi and crazy old ladies who dont get enough hormone supplies to keep them from acting up.


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