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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dr_krapp, Jul 24, 2003.

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  1. haha! the pandoras box section, not ative?! i\'ve never seen that before

  2. isnt that what we usually talk about here? ;D

  3. it is the box....anything goes... :D
  4. i think i heard somethinkg about pandoras box on the new tomb raider movie
  5. marijuana
  6. i smoke weed.

  7. :eek:
    ME TOO!
    It\'s a small world after all :D

  8. OH my GOD...
    Me TOO!!!

    This is like the fucking Twilight Zone!!!
  9. super small...

    hot box, chicken pox, bad crack rocks-pandoras box

    haha, that should be pandoras box\'s slogan! horray!
  10. yes i also enjoy weed

  11. but then again....who doesn\'t..... :D

  12. No fucking way, girl!! SO DO I!!!!
  13. ^ yup, and the chicks name was Pandora, hence the name.

  14. You forgot to mention George Dubya and ass-biting hamsters that hide under your bed and wait for you to fall asleep then ambush your cheeks and rip em to shreds...

    Oh wait...
    I guess those two are the same thing...

  15. wow your my hero
  16. Tomb Raider 2 is all about Pandora\'s Box ,and keeping the bad guys from acquiring same.:)
  17. What~!?~:O

    you guys actually smoke fucking weed!!!! what the fucks wrong with all you?!?! JESUS!! weed!? weed?!!? WWWEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD!????????

    think people think!!!!!!
  18. This site condones the use of marijuana?! Really?? I didn\'t know that I\'m outta here you are all gonna burn in hell for your drug addict ways.
    Have you been doing the pot?! Have you?! ::checks your arm for tracks::
    \"As someone who has never taken a drug in their life I can safely say that they have no value whatsoever.\" (from southpark)

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