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  1. OK I picked up a Diablo O.G. Clone from a local shop and I've been vegging it for about 3 weeks on a 18/6 cycle a few days ago I noticed its growing pistils and white hairs like its starting to flower. I don't know too much about autoflower strains or if that's what's going on all I know is that I don't want it to flower yet. My question is do I go ahead and throw it in flower or do I keep vegging and ignore the hairs. Or better yet why is it growing the hairs on a 18/6 cycle any help would be appreciated very much
  2. How many pistils?
    A few are normal on a mature vegging plant..give me a picture or two
  3. Probably just showing its sex. Post a pic...there are plenty of people on here that can identify what it means.
  4. Old post... Now I realize its irrelevant. They all do it when you take clones. Thanks anyway. Your avatar is hmmm... disturbing:smoking: haha

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