What the temperature outside?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by BGreen420, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I live in omaha and its 68 degrees out. Spring is definitely here.
  2. 74 today. Was 82 yesterday here east of Los Angeles.
  3. 32 Celsius, and its the middle of the night. :cool:
  4. 77, feels like 82, some rain

  5. 38.1 f at 10:02 pm in northern wisconsin. I love the warm weather in the spring. It was almost 55 earlier.
  6. 85 degrees. Somewhere down in Texas.
  7. 85 today in central illinois
  8. 77 right now in mid Tennessee. Was 90 the other day.
  9. 84F north florida, about to play some tennis. Im gonna die
  10. Nice cool feeling 70 here in boulder

    Lovin it
  11. 82 feels like 90 in the sun. Pheeew too much.
  12. Just got done frisbee golfin here, it's 80f today in the heartland.
  13. 84f earlier today in new hampshire, and it's still winter... it normally should be like 20-30f lhaha.
  14. Today was 82, and then it cooled down to about 65 and thunderstormed
  15. its been ~80 for like 2 weeks in northern illinois. set a record high damn near everyday. today it cooled down and was only around 60 and rainy. only lol. the normal highs and lows for this time of year is like 40 and 20 lol
  16. bout 45 Fahrenheit.
  17. 44*F here in beautiful Colorado Springs
  18. I think it's about -3 celsius tonight here in Southwestern Canada. Summer can't come soon enough :)
  19. Was like 83 today in Denver...

    But we getting a week of cooler weather starting today...which makes my life better
  20. 24 celsius, or about ~75 f. The autumn weather's so beautiful, can't wait for winter. Each day gets a bit cooler.

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