What the pokeball have in them

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  1. DEA Resources, Microgram, April 2009

    Check out the dea microgram the pokeball have MDMA KETAMINE AND CAFFINE this shows the most rolls on the street are not clean so be aware of what you are taking.

  2. some pokeballs. Not all pills of the same press are made by the same chemist.
  3. When I read this thread title I thought you were gonna release the secret of fitting a fatty pokemon in a tiny little ball.

    :( A little disappointed.
  4. Mmm love pokeballs.
  5. Whoa, what a trip, pills that actually have cocaine in them.

    Photo 4
    [SIZE=-1]The Los Angeles (California) Police Department's Scientific Investigation Division Narcotics Analysis Unit recently received 19 tablets, of three different types, apparent Ecstasy (see Photo 4). The exhibits were seized in south Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Police Department (no further details). Ten tablets were green with a dolphin imprint, eight were blue with the same dolphin imprint, and one was blue without any imprint (but had the same texture as the blue dolphin tablets). Analysis of the green tablets by color testing (Wagners - brown, Marquis - yellow, and sodium nitroprusside - blue, cobalt thiocyanate - color not discernable) and of a methanolic extract by GC/MS, however, indicated not MDMA but rather a mixture of isopropylbenzylamine, cocaine (confirmed), and caffeine. Similarly, analysis of the blue tablets by color testing (same tests and results, except the Marquis gave a pink color) and of a methanolic extract by GC/MS again indicated a mixture of isopropylbenzylamine, cocaine (confirmed), and caffeine. The tablets were not formally quantitated; however, the TIC indicated that there was significantly more caffeine than cocaine, and more cocaine than isopropylbenzylamine (the ratios were moderately different in the green versus the blue tablets). The laboratory has previously received Ecstasytype tablets containing isopropylbenzylamine, and has also previously received Ecstasy-type tablets with dolphin imprints, but this was the first ever submission of Ecstasy mimic tablets containing cocaine.'[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=-1]I wonder if the people that heard all this nonsense and seen kids crushing up their pills just said fuck it and decided to start throwing in small amounts of blow if they have it laying around.[/SIZE]


    DEA Resources, Microgram, August 2008


  6. the pokeballs are.

    Its a unique double press.

    Anyway the DEA is full of shit.
  7. The purpose of these reports is to inform other DEA offices, and other agencies for that matter, of "new" things on the street, and anything that isn't what you would think it is.

    Every roll they post up is going to be adulterated, cause if it weren't cut bad it wouldn't be there.

    That being said, I think most rolls aren't clean as well, but the microgram isn't anything to base this statement on.

    I love reading them too lol. I've read or atleast skimmed every one they've got available via the web (a few years of them) but they've been doing it for over 50 years now. Anyone know where the super-old ones can be located? It'd be really cool to see what was going down back in the day.
  8. truffle shuffle ftw!
  9. damn they got almost 40,000 of those pokeballs.
    If they all are really made by the same dood, or one group of people that was prolly a kick in the dick to them for sure.
  10. Those pills sound fucking awesome. Wish I had some...
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    Oh yeah? Their GC/MS machines are full of shit?

    Seriously, I know we're all Internet gangsters here. I know we all know the chemist, the grower, whatever. We're all 'connected' and we all pretend we know more than we lead on.

    I'm just saying....

    I'd still eat the pokeballs. There's not enough ketamine in them to be orally active anyways. Most pills are ~300mg, if ketamine accounts for 5% of the pill then there's approximately 15mg of Ketamine in there, or about a 6:1 MDMA:Ketamine ratio.

    The DEA did not, by law, have to release the Microgram to the public until January 2003.
  12. hell yea dude the pokeball does sound like it would be a good one!

    anyways all 'rolls' on the street are 'not clean'. If you have any pill form of X it is cut with SOMETHING... Pure MDMA is a powder and wont compress into pills... ppl put them in capsules
  13. i know, right? the air of the original post seemed to discredit some seemingly good rolls? k in your beans? why the fuck not? haha
  14. I've never heard of a pokeball.. but holy fuck I want one.
  15. I would also take (snort) them, because;

    1. 99/100 pills you buy have caffiene in them. It is the most common additive to pills

    2. The combination of k and mdma is very pleasurable, I would definately take 5+ of them though, over the course of the night, because I would want to be high off the k aswell.

    3. There was no meth in those pills. Therefore they appear to be pretty good rolls...
  16. Every pokeball ive taken has been superb :hello:
  17. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Only those presses, although could of easily been someone else mimicing.
  18. i had the yellow thundercat one in jan great pill, homi had the purple bomberman one
  19. You can request their archives.

    [​IMG] Requests for Microgram Archives, 1967-2002

    ....but you have to be law enforcement to receive them. :(

  20. naw, rly?

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