What the Palestinians do not want us to know

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    some very interesting videos to watch.., mostly information videos that the Palestinians don't want us to know.
    info on Hamas tactics to blame Israel on war crimes.. and where are the Palestinians originally came from ? is Jerusalem that Holy for the Quran and the Palestinians people ?
    anyone who doesn't care about this subject can skip this thread and I wish him the very best day, the ones that want to know the truth have to watch these 3 vids. there's a lot to know that revels many lies that the PA developed over the years.
    Palestinians origin ?
    Hamas and war crimes tactics.

  2. Clearly you are a JIDF shill for posting these videos. How dare you portray the innocent Palestinians as more than an oppressed group pf people who simply want a state of their own :devious:
  3. Thread title should be "what the palastine government doesnt want you to know"

    Palastinians are people too. They just want peace. Their evil government is guiding them. Theu are obedient.

    Its sad

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  4. What do you mean simply want a state of their own, it was their state from the start, they had it stolen, the Palestinians were evicted from THEIR land Genocide style. Zionist Jews have 0 right to that land just because some "God" in a chopped up bible says so. I couldn't care less what tactics the Palestineans used against the Zionist scum to get their land back, and framing them of war crimes sounds fine to me.
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  6. Dammit, I thought I put these guys in my ignore list.
  7. lol

    In what movie you live in man ?
  8. You know who i love? Ahmadinejad.
  9. What??? You need to enlighten me man because I must be in some kind of bad dark
  10. You mentioned the Palestinians were living there from the start. What "start" exactly do you mean ?

    Plus, you mention that the jews claim their land based on god. Well.. Do your research first about archeology in Israel. Check what is exactly is el aqsa in jerusalem ? Or maybe better watch the clips i posted above... Then you'll realized in what movie youre living in.
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    Palestinians were nomadic Syrians roaming the desert when the Jews were given the land by the UN. At least they actually did something with it. They turned a desert into thriving orchards and cities that is now Israel. That land has changed ownership more than a few times. In fact it was the Canaanites that the Hebrews originally expelled during the days of Moses and Joshua so perhaps we should find some of them and see if they want to build a Canaanite casino to repay for the past.
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    Palestine was established as a state in 1988, and their TERRIORTY was administered to them in 1948, it was their land their right, Israel invaded them and slaughtered the Palestinean arabs for their land that they seem to believe is deemed to them by "God." Your entire argument is invalid as you seem to believe somehow that Israel is entitled to that land, but unfortunately the zionists have you brainwashed by the balls.
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    And don't get me started on your bunk videos. The opening clip of your first video says that "the word Palestine is not found in the Quaran." What does that have to with anything relevant and factual? Palestine not being in the bible proves no point at all. However, the word Palestine IS found in the League of Nations mandate for Palestine which happened in 1948, but people who fall into the bible crowd tend to think that the bible is the ultimate truth for all matters of everything unto eternity, which could not be farther from the truth.
  14. lol

    Try to look back before 1988.
    Go learn some history. Or for the third time... watch the first movie in this thread.
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    This is a completely false statements and the truth is actually the exact opposite. From 1597-1917 Arabs were the native inhabitants of Palestine with Jews being the minority. The Arabs however did not officially have an actual state because the land was controlled by the Ottoman empire, but the Arabs inhabited it. The wealthier nomadic Jews were the ones to immigrate to Palestine along with a minority amount of Arabs that moved along with the Jews to Arab Palestine to work for them to cultivate land for the Jews to live on.
    Most Arabs were not in support of Jews moving into their land, but some were because it provided income for them (cultivating land for Jews.) In 1917 Britan split Palestine into east and west, East for the Arabs and west for the jews. The Arabs however were not willing to give up their land , and Britan was not willing to appoint a proclaimed state to the Jews, which would be Israel, so the Jews essentially turned into a terrorist organization and drove the Arabs out by murdering and pushing the Arabs out aswell as attacking and bombing british soldiers out of the the western split side of Palestine.
    The Jews then proclaimed this stolen land as Israel which eventually became an actualy stolen state, and now Israel controls all of our media and spits out ridiculous bias and anyone who speaks against israel is shot down, loses any chance to be heard and their career is ended. Any politician who is against Israel and their genocide loses their job. Israel is an Arab land stolen in blood by Jews.

    As for the original poster of this topic saying that I need to go back farther in history, apparantly he is the one who needs to delve deeper in history. 3000 years ago Palestine was Arab Philestianean land until the Caananites came, then Jews inhabitated the land 2000 years ago until empires like Rome conquered the land and Jews became a labor force of Rome. When Rome fell Arabs returned to their land and proclaimed themselves Palestine all the way from 1517 to 1917. Arabs were already there when the Jews migrated to Palestine in 1917. This is not opinion this is recorded fact of history easily accessible from unbiased sources.
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    The "pllishtim" are not arabs. Definitely not Palestinians.

    The palestinians came from Egypt, syria, Jordan and lebanon. They even say so.. Check what is their last names and that will take you to their source.

    Archeology facts are spread across israel from the red sea to the golan, facts about a jewish state long before any arab was here.
  17. The bible is the earliest recording of history we have and it states that the Philestineans had palestine 3000 years ago and "God" ordered the Canannites to slaughter every man woman child and animal. The Jews then had the land until Rome took Palestine over, and when Rome fell the Arabs returned to their land from 1577 to 1897. Arabs were in possession of the land in 1897 through 1915 when Jews came to try to establish israel.

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