What the most fucked up thing you've done?

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  1. What's the shadiest/most fucked up thing you've ever done to somebody else?

    I've got two. Both were from when I was younger. Once me and somebody were arguing and it was sort of escalating. I don't think we would have fight but somebody came between us and started trying to push me back and I spit on the person I was arguing with.

    Then once (1st or 2nd grade) in school the day was ending and we were being let out. I was talking to a friend and he had $20 laying on his desk while he was at his locker (lockers were in class room) going through some shit. I took the $20 because it seemed like a shit load of money haha. Then later on that same night my dad and I went to see WCW Thunder (back during the time when Thunder was good) because we were huge fans. I pretended to "find" it when I sat down in the seats. I was like "dad, check it out I found $20" thinking he'd let me buy whatever I wanted with hit. He pretended to check his wallet and was like "oh shit, that's mine I dropped it" and he took it

    I actually told my friend I took it a few days later. He already knew and didn't seem to care at all o_O. I never paid him back and we remained best friends after that haha

    Those are mine. Share away. And don't flame other people for whatever they say. If you can't avoid that just don't read
  2. I killed my family. I'm on Grasscity from the computer in my jail cell.
  3. And people actually worry about going to jail
  4. I can`t really think on anything, but I am interested to hear others stories. I might share a story if I can think of any.
  5. I put icy hot on all the toilet seats at summer camp.
  6. In 2nd grade I tricked a kid into believing my 5 dollars were worth more than his 20 dollars so I could buy a goosebumps movie at the book fair.

    My parents saw the video and asked how I bought it with 5 bucks..I told them, they made me return the video.

    The next day the kids parents showed up at my school and demanded that I apologize. I said "I'm sorry I was able to convince your kid that 5 dollars was worth more than 20 dollars."

    I'll never forget that.

    Another one.

    Me and this annoying kid I was pretty much forced to hang out with at my grandmas were outside at his house playing golf. I remember his dad saying "BE CAREFUL with the golf clubs"...it was my first time using metal golf clubs. When it was my turn to swing the club, the kid bends down to mess with my golf ball for god knows what reason and tells me to hold on before swinging...I pretended I didn't hear and swung for the hell of it. It hit him right in the forehead and cracked his head open. How he didn't faint is beyond me. His face was covered in blood and he yells "GO GET DAD" so I run inside, open the door just enough to reach in and grab my gameboy, then yell "DAVIDS BLEEDING!" then ran all the fucking way home.

    His dad later came over and thanked me for coming in to tell them he was bleeding....

  7. Dude, that`s fucking brutal, I seriously don`t know what else to say..
  8. On a serious note, jacking off to a picture of a relative of mine. Yup. I was young and bored.
  9. one time some kid sold my friend pubes so he cut his parents up into chili and fed it to him
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  11. i stole some legos from a kid who purposely shit on his own jungle gym

    And Sucker Punched my friend and knocked his tooth out

    Also shot my cousin in the eyeball with a paintball gun not on purpose it was the most fucked up ricochet in the world
  12. Burnt my friend with a frying pan when i was 12. lol purposley but i was a douschebag back then so its okay.
  13. Uh, this anger management kid (idk if it was that but his family was pretty fucked up too, his dad tried to drop a fucking knife on my head when i was under the balcony)
    was yelling at me and my friends when we were chilling cuz we didn't want to "go see the trucks" with him (he was fascinated by those things). So he knocks our bikes over. I kicked him the balls as hard as i can and ends up he can't pee for 3 days. His mom said i was going to go to juvie lol. fuck em :smoke: (we were like in 3rd, 4th or 5th i can't remember). I'll post another whenever i can remember, i know i've done more fuccked up things, i'm not perfect lol
  14. bumping for entertainments sake
  15. This particular morning I did my usual wake&bake but this day was special because I got a blowjob from my this girl I always fucked with in the school parking lot. (she has a boyfriend.) Needless to say, I nutted in her mouth and I had no Winterfresh gum to offer her so she was like alright. After this scene is done, we walked together to school and we soon split. I realize I forgot my cell phone and start heading back to my car, that's when I saw her boyfriend start tonguing down the same girl that shined my manhood not even 30 minutes ago. I was like oh well and carried with my walk vibing to my "FlightMusic" playlist.

    Very good morning but forgot I had a AP Calc test that day.

    *Had cell phone in bookbag the whole time -_-
  16. I attended a private christian school back in the 8th grade, and because I'm not a religious person, I didn't have a bible, so my principle at the time gifted me a pretty nice bible, and wrote a note on the inside saying it was for me blah blah blah, well everything about that school was stupid and I hated it. So I got my parents to transfer me to public school again.

    Well, on my last day at the school, I pulled out my cellphone, put my head on my desk, and just fucked around, I wasn't interested in the god speech that was being shoved down the throats of my fellow classmates. Well, even with me trying to be discreet(while clearly not giving a fuck), the teacher decides to call me out, and tried to take my cellphone. I tried to reason with the man, I explained that it was my last day, and that I would put the phone away, but no, he had to have my fucking phone. Well fuck him, I wasn't going to give it to him, and I told him that, so he sends me to the principle. Well I go, and the principle tried taking my phone, I refused, the teacher came in, they both tried, I continued to refuse, They told me they were sending me home if I didn't give it to them, I said "Fine, that doesn't bother me at all". Well they pissed me off by now, and here comes the pastor, trying to give me a "talk". Well I told him what he had to say was "bullshit" straight to his face, and after that, they told me to just go home.

    Well needless to say, as I walked out of the principles office, I was enraged. I walked behind the trailer they used as a couple classrooms, pulled out the bible that had been gifted to me, and a lighter, and I set the fucker on fire. I then came from behind the trailer with the burning bible in my hand and threw it hard as fuck on the ground, before yelling FUCK YOU to my, teacher, pastor, and principle, in which they told me to leave before they called the cops, and I nonchalantly walked to my bike and left.

    I still don't think what I did was fucked up though, I mean I made the pastor and principle(his wife) cry. But they fucking deserved it.
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  17. ^ i actually laughed quite hard. Um i kinda feel bad about how i used to kill lizards and shit. i liked them, but when i was with friends and stuff at a younger age it was always funny to me. Nothing too serious, but one time i stuffed a firecracker directly into a lizards throat, and then lit that shit. it was nothing but a perfectly clean decapitation. i frown on myself for shit like that though.
  18. public humiliation. i regret it to this very day. my tune has changed. details are pretty fucked up.. forgiveness offered but had to accept. Years pass and the memory lessens.
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  20. Were expecting that much.

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