What the hell?!

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  1. Ok Ordered SG last Thursday. its been in Vancouver Customs for 2 fucking days!
    I live in Kelowna... (Did they steal my SG or break it?)

    or just serious delay?

    011/05/1005:36VANCOUVERInternational item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs
    ome items may be delayed if held by customs for additional inspection. Canada Post has no information on specific items awaiting customs inspection. Once an item clears customs, it is handed over to Canada Post for delivery. Delivery time depends on the product and the distance to its destination.

    Will it be here tomorrow? or should I just wait longer?

    Shouldn't be taking this long....its bull
  2. Do you really have any other choice but to wait longer?
  3. Btw, ive had several tubes dissapear when I ship them into canadia land...

    Sometimes they make it, sometimes they dont
  4. yo them customs people r lyke stealing yor stuff bro
  5. Yeah man I think you just have to wait. Maybe they're backed up or something.
  6. They can do whatever they want with your package and you have no rights to do anything about it

    Customs held my bong for a month before they decided to let me know they were stealing it

    a fucking month, and I never got it, and your shitting your pants over 2 days?

    But you may get a letter stating they stole it from you. When that happens, then you have the right to do something about it.

    You can either pay them a bribe which is an option they offer you. or you can write them a letter stating why you feel its an improper seizure of your property.

    Either path is not a certain victory.

    But I would imagine if you bribe them enough, they will give it to you.
  7. Yep...I do panic for 2 days $348 bucks is a lot of money just to get "taken away"..For a water pipe for tobacco. If it doesn't make it by the 10 day international shipping period then i'll be pissed off.
  8. this happens alot - always try to stick to buying local. Plus you live in kelowna.

    I would held onto that money for next time you go to Van and hit up Puffs on robson st

    they carry some high end shit and you could get a really nice piece for that kind of money- where you know its not going to get inspected or possibly seized
  9. Yeah ordered online last time with no delays perfect timing and 100% nothing wrong...Now I ordered something really nice now they delaying me (so they say)...I don't even have $ to drive down and pick it up.
  10. If it helps I got off ALT close to two months ago, was held in customs for about two days then released. I've had things held in customs for up to a week, and then released, so don't sweat it just yet that is completely, completely normal
  11. Damn. Good Luck w/ that. It would suck to have a SG confiscated.
  12. Yeh...My SGW got in fine...Why an SG knew it was to good to be true :mad: bad luck with em.

  13. It could take way longer then 10 days if it's chosen for inspection. Nothing you can do. And that bribe option they have dosnt apply here, I had a order held up and was gunna send the cash but they said it was useless for "water pipes". It's only been 2 days though so I wouldnt trip.
  14. I'm impatient and I get nervous easy with shit going over the border. :eek:

    Just this sucks I want it before the weekend and I know theres nothing I can do.

  15. I feel that man. Just roll up a fat j and have a night free of worry.
  16. most likely it should be fine, those online tracking things sometimes just dont update until they arrive, ive had that happen a few times. I hate waiting also, hope you get it soon
  17. this is y i will never ever order a bong or anything like that online, i just take my ass 2 harvard square and go 2 the hempest :)
  18. Good new just picked up a bag gonna out for a toke and let this Delay pass by. Hopefully comes by Tuesday and yeah the online tracking system sucks.

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