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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by westsieed, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. hi , question: can i leave my plant to grow and grow will it die if i dont pick it or cut it?? also can u smoke the leaves on your plant and if u can when is the best time to pick n smoke, 1 more thing ive planted my three seeds that i got and there about 2" tall now and its only been 5 days is this bad or good as in if it grows to quick the plant wont live long or what plz help me plz plz!!!???
  2. Yes you can leave a plant in veg state for as long as you like, but that is all that will happen, lots of green growth.
    You can smoke the leaves...just make sure you have plenty of medicine for sore throats and bad cough! No, bin the leaves, you can try the smaller leaves, but certainly don't bother with the fan leaves.
    Sounds like they are doing just fine, you may have to support the growth in the very early stages, but they will naturally strengthen quite quickly.

    have a look at www.dopequest.com for growing info!
    have fun!

  3. thanx for the info but u said that u can laeave the plant in veg state for as long as i want to but how do you make it flower and if i do then if i leave it to grow will it die?, also how do i know if i have male or female plants?? and is there any difference in smokin the male plant or the female plant?? if u can reply that would be most appreciated tnx
  4. thanx man , i hope two r not male and female coz there in the same pot!!!!, still i could start again.
  5. never give up! it's always worth the effort to keep trying until you get it right, we have ALL had bad days!

    Good luck

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