What The Hell??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jimmA, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. well it all began on saturday night when me and 3 other dudes decided to go to a party but it was shit because it was full of 14 year olds who are fans of various boybands who have had too much to drink and most were unconscious or in a corner crying.
    so after filling the house with smoke we left not before putting a donut in the microwave set on 7mins at full power.
    anyway we decided to go and have a few pipes in a local park when some dick on acid or extacy or summat decides to
    pull a 3" knife on us and demand wallets and weed.
    because he could barley stand we just told him to go home before he gets hurt so he leaves and 20 mins later when we were quite mashed a cop car pulls up and says that we were arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery.
    So we were arrested and charged with possesion and the skag head who reported HIS crime and blamed us gets nothing.
    so how can we be expected to abide by the law and not smoke herb when the legal system cant identify the dangerous addicts from the harmless stoners.
    as you can tell this whole thing really fucked me off

    so i want to know weather any1 else has had bad experiences like this or weather i was just unlucky
  2. That is f'd up dude. Stupid dumbasses. Thank goodness it hasn't happened top me. Sucks though.
  3. Get a good lawyer, you can prove yourself innocent if you remember well enough.

    EDIT- as well as eye witnesses who saw you at the party, it could be your alibi.
  4. if i were u i'd circle around that park in a car with masks on . as soon as u see that bastard get baseball bats outa the car and beat the living shit outa that drugged up asshole. omfg that made me soo mad and im sorry u had to go through that lol
  5. lol ! hahahahahha thx for agreeing man

  6. hahahaha, I sure am glad I read this guys other post, hehe..

    Here is why you got caught with buddah

    Why did you stay in the first place, to smoke(not smart!!!)? Like hanging out with people at least 4 years younger than you(also, NOT SMART!!)?

    Anyway, just get a good lawyer and you will be fine..Getting caught is just karma's way of telling you that its not smart to tip over cars!

    sorry to say, but DUMB DUMB DUMB! I am seriously starting to hate people that give us stoners a bad name!

    and last!!

    That kinda like a keg stand, hehe
  7. That's shit man,seriously, that's not very fair at all, did they find your mary jane?
  8. *you should have beat the fuck out of him the second he pulled that knife*...
  9. Lol this really is shit man!!!I had an expiriece once..it`s not exactly like yours but....Once i was walking home stoned and a cop came to me and sad:You`re aressted for smoking marijuana....Thanx God they only held me 24 hours in jail and let me go....

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