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What the hell???

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Been there, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. I'm new, yea yea I'm probably in the wrong fucking place. I'm a smoker from way way back. Well, i mean I'm not 8o or anything but I'm heading there. I just wanted to say hi but I'm too tired now since it took me 2 hours to register and figure out how to post. I'm a little new at this computer shit but I WILL figure it out. I like to get high and play with pictures. Currently I am trying to figure out this fucking adobe photoshop. Am I too damned old? You guys are the only ones making sense to me. I found you looking for a good deal on a bowl. Anyway, I'll be checking on you as soon as I figure out how! My day is half over just writing this.
  2. g,day and welcome [​IMG]...Don,t know how old you are friend ,but we got a few over 40s here.
  3. Welcome to the stoner paradise.. Step on in to the old folks pot city!
  4. I think there more than a few of us who have banged there head on there keyboards asking why. Ill load a bowl for you friend. Welcome to the city.

  5. :D keep on pluggin away! you'll get the hang of it all! :) welcome to the city!
  6. If you like I can attach a copy of Photo Shop bible .

    Are you using Version 6........or 7 or other ?

    I also use and prefer Corel Photo paint as it seems to handle large (high resolution ) pics better.

    Welcome to Grasscity.

    And may you live to be at least 80 or 90.............something.
  7. Welcome To The Stoners City!!! Enjoy :wave:

  8. Can you attach it for me? I'm using 7 :D
  9. i got nothing....i cant upload pics or anything, it sux
  10. when i'm stoned it takes me forever to type too>D
  11. lol welcome and hope i see ya in the forums sometime! u sound hella kewl;)

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