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Discussion in 'General' started by WrongGuy, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. M369 just banned me for advertising when i was the one reporting not advertising. It's driving me mental i can't even open the contact us section since no permission. Maybe he'll see this, i think as stoners you all know the feeling of being misjudged

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    And now you will probably be perma banned. Making new accounts while banned is just as against the rules. 
  3. If they dont even allow permission to use the contact button how else? im already permabanned for no reason. I was really enjoying this community :(

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    Welcome banned style. 
  5. shit happens

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    You guys are ruthless.

    I'd be sad if I was banned as much as I talk shit about GC.
    Agreed people are ruthless on here.. maybe a mod will see it and review your problem, they will be able to see if you truly are a victim of mistaken identity.
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    Rummy emailed me we'll see. let them be ruthless, everyone gets their own :)
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  9. So damn, the contact us only works if you are a member? I heard recently that is how you are supposed to contact about bans if you were banned and feel it was unjust..But if you have to be a member then damn, kinda fucks you by getting you caught between a rules sandwich! IF you can't contact if not a member, or can't make a new account to contact, then what would one do? This?
  10. ive had to make a new account to get unbanned cause i was wrongfully banned.. it worked.. they looked at it and reversed it.. 
    sometimes makin a new account is the only way.. as long as you use that account to get the one banned unbanned then your good..
    i didnt make a thread about it tho.. i just pm'd the mod who banned me.. asked him to take another look and that was that
  11. I had no access to any buttons while I was banned(yes i'm unbanned) since it was a permanent ban. I couldn't even logout or check my messages/notifications, 0% permissions.
  12. This is what should have been done, and why everyone was being so "ruthless".
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    Is it that hard to read.. I couldn't even open my messages to find a message from M369 saying 'sorry, that was a mistake, working on fixing it'

    If you got banned with those 16,500+ posts, and someone told you 'shit happens', wonder how you'd take it :)
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    No, I mean make the new account to notify a mod since you had no permissions without an account, but making the thread was the part I was commenting on.
    I understood your situation perfectly, you seem to be the one who didn't read the quote or my post correctly...
  15. I tried PMing M369 actually, but it said that he was unable to receive messages. >_>
  16. you have 10 posts :laughing:
  17. Indeed I do, but I'd rather get this unbanned than posting from another account which could get banned for that then. :p
  18. I think saying shit happens is a little ruthless.

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