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  1. Alright I'm a little weirded out. I have an iPhone 4s that was on Cricket. Note that I haven't paid the bill in over 4 months and it has been disconnected, I only use it her at my house on the Wifi.

    Well a few days ago it got text from a random number begging me to pick up the phone, no idea who they were from, I called the number from my house phone and it was disconnected.
    And just a few minutes ago I got a call from a different number that's local and I picked up , nobody said anything on the other end of the line but I could hear breathing an they didn't hang up.
    I again called from my house phone and the number was disconnected. I'm a little weirded out since its 2 am here lol.

    Anybody have any similar experiences? It's just weird to me since this phone has been disconnected for so long and it recieved a call.
  2. Patriot Act, wiretapping, espionage, ect.... toss that shit mayne
  3. CIA is just seeing what your doing; no big deal. activate your phone and let them in on it
  4. hmmm...only way i believe is to use the 911 emergency line. you can have a phone disconnected and still be able to call 911.

    i say go down the rabbit hole. see where it ends
  5. It's weird. The number had the local area code which is 559.

    Weird. It's not the police number or anything either
  6. its ur friends fucking with you bro
  7. I second this
  8. Jesus called, the signal was just weak
  9. I'd agree but I doubt it since even I can't call my old number. Says its disconnected
  10. That's weird as fuck man are u in a horror movie
  11. That's stupid, Jesus wouldn't have a weak signal.. He's on 7g.
  12. breathe back into the phone if they call and breathe at you again
  13. Lol, so when you call your cell phone with your home phone it's disconnected? But somehow these guys are calling you. Maybe people with disconnected phones can only call other people with disconnected phones, and that's why your home phone can't reach theirs. Congratulations OP, you're now in a disconnected phone cult.
  14. Its Santa! He wanted you to join his elf squad, but since you don't appreciate it and given the fact that Christmas is over, i guess he'll have to wait until next year, the one chosen by Santa can always be contacted
  15. Its not a crime to smoke beasters bro
  16. Sounds like the beginning to a horror movie. Watch your back bro, I think someones out to get you.
  17. op is dead now
  18. dial *69 or as some people say *69 HIS ASS or just trace the phone number and use skupe to call it see what is does or...........THE DEAD IS TRYING TO TALK TO YOU
  19. I pray they have better fucking things to do then wiretap a disconnected phone.

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