What the hell was he thinking?

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  1. my fucking god, did you post that in the other thread that blew my mind?
  2. I mean just look at how he's playing it cool standing next to those 2 chicks talking...
  3. I'd hit it.
  4. I can't find Waldo in any of these pictures....
  5. Shut up. This man IS style.
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    well..ain't that a fine man.~
  7. If we were in the 70's or 80's then yeah i guess :smoke:
  8. I'm almost positive this guy was my high school world history teacher.
  9. Guys STFU!

    That's my mom...
  10. that looks like Ms. Man from ScaryMovie 1
  11. Ha!
    I imagine it with a thick Eastern Eurpopean accent. :)
  12. The thought just surfaced.:smoke:
  13. It looks like the pavilions here that I go to concerts at. That would explain the beer & sitting on hills too...as well as the funky style haha, the last concert I went to, I think there was a Hawaiian shirt memo I didn't get XD I counted at least 20 diff styles
  14. This will always be a laugh, he looks like a life guard from the 70's

  15. Haha guy looks like he doesnt know where hes at. But he could definatlykick the shit out of anyone there it looks like.
  16. bumping because i still lol when i see the pic
  17. stuck in an acid trip id say...

    free mind that doesn't give a fuck right thar

    +I doubt anyone would say shit to him cause he prob bench press 5 of you

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