What the hell...really?

Discussion in 'General' started by powertopeeps, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Alright, I drive to my friend's house at six thirty, chill there and wait for people to come. I had 3 beers just to enlighten the mood. At seven we begin smokin a few bowls, afterwards, I usually have a black or a blunt, so I did. I save half of the black for later. Walk around for a while, end up meeting the girl I wanna have a relationship with and start talking to her. At nineish, little later, I smoke another bowl, finished my black. ten thirty I go home and my mom's waiting for me. I kiss her goodnight and she smells alcohol on my breathe...from like 3 hours ago.

    Throw in like 3 pieces of gum, the blacks [vanilla] mary J, and a lot of Lays chips. This was just 3 beers too. Damn, she either has a good noes, or was seeing if I would crack.
  2. Alcohol is a REALLY distinctive smell. All adults know and recognize the smell of alcohol.
  3. QFT.

    My dad stayed up till 2:30am last night waiting for me to get home... lol I was drunk as hell, even had my friend drive my car home for me...

    Yea, he asked to smell my breath and I told him straight up No, get real... I'm going to bed.

  4. lmao love this shit. Never been asked to smell my breathe but we've all had the "you been drinkin?"

    I usually say yes before takin a 10minute piss that confirms it
  5. I recently ran into financial troubles and had to move in with the family for the next month or two. Last weekend I was over at my cousins smoking kush at his place for like 6 hours, then I crashed on his couch. I drove home in the morning and as soon as I walk through the door my mother is like "you smell like weed", only I hadnt smoked any in like 20 hours. I just laughed considering how im 22, but damn, parents seem to have super human senses.
  6. breathing through your nose and not having convos lessen your chances of gettin busted.

  7. Being drunk raises your chances of being dumb
  8. dude that is lame, haha. yeh i come home blazed once or twice a week, my mom is usualy in the bed. just so i am not sketch i walk down the hall and i am like "night". so far so good.. then again i am usually about eight feet from her, i donno about close up

    oh well, college in like 6 monhts so lifes good
  9. my parents never gave a shit if i drank or got drunk.They just didnt want me smoking weed, when they busted me they acted like i was shooting heroin and shit..lol i remember my pops wanted to take me to rehab.

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