What the hell is wrong with this one???

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  1. Hello
    I have 7 plants in an aeroponic bucket that are mostly doing well except for one that just isnt happy like the other ones. They are 2 weeks into flowering and all look great except this one. They are under a 1000 watt mh. Temp ranges from 66 to 77 and humidity ranges from 58 to 68. I use ro water that is ph of 5.8 and GH flora series nutes. My ppm is running at about 1000 using equal parts of the 3 flora series. The roots look just like all the others. Please help. This is my first grow and I am growing for a medical mmj patient that needs meds. Picture one shows the sick plant and pic 2 shows the tops of the others in the same bucket. Thanks for any help.

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  2. It seems to be showin signs of a Zinc (Zn) def.
    Thats weird, cuz u seem to be doin a good job with them all...:confused:.

  3. Thanks for looking Here is another picture of one of the healthier plants. It now has a lot of very yellow leaves. What do you think?

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  4. i,m not a pro with hydro but i think your over dosing your plants
    1000 ppm is kinda high
  5. I dont know man ... looks to me like nitrogen def.
    Low on plant .. progressive yellowing .. dried tips... pretty classic.

    1000 ppm is a BIT hot but not killer so for the size of the plants.

    Questions -
    what is the ppm shift over 24 hr period?
    what is the pH shift over 24 hours?
    what is the volume of the res - how many gallons per plant?
    what is the ppm concentration of nitrogen in your res? (not total)
  6. Hi The ph shifts up about .4 every 24 hours and I correct it with ph down every night at lights on. The ppm goes up a a bit +20 every 24 hours or so. I have a total of 6 gallons of water in the res. I am using equal parts of Gh flora series so How much nitrogen would that be? My system uses 3 mini sprinklers that sprays the roots continuously. Any help is much appreciated Thanks again.
  7. The pH / PPM up shift does not look that troublesome - everything else looks good as well.
    Take a look at the
    General Hydroponics Flora Nutrient PPM Calculator

    I like to keep the NO3 level at 300 mg/L
    I'm a bit bothered by the use of NH3 and Urea Nitrogen .. I dont like using the un-oxidized version of the nutes in Hydro.

    15 ml/l of 'Gro' gets you to 285 mg/L NO3 with a total of 1371 mg/L
    Does that sound right to you?

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