What the hell is wrong with these people??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ganjaphish, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. The Stephen King story Misery flashed thru my mind when I heard the 1st story the other day! Crazy Bitch!!! And thank God they caught that vert while he was still not hurting those girls!!!I'd like to get my hands on that sick asshole[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I totally agree withe the misery parellel, God that lady was wack and that poor guy. I can only imagine the sock bandit in prison. "What you in for?", "Stealing little girls socks", thankfully he got caught before anything escalated.

  3. Yes, I was thinking Misery as well, been thinking about Stephen King lately cuz Dolores Claiborne was on TV the other day, I love that twisted story...

    IceCreamKidd, as for the guy stealing girlie's socks, yeah he could have turned into a big time SHOE stealer too! LOL man, he will definitely end up being someone's bitch in prison.
  4. obviously that guy wanted the socks to build the sock ray gun that they advertized in the back of bigraygun magazine
  5. Yeah I read that yesterday....it is pretty fucked up! How anybody could let someone suffer like that is sad. Not to mention not stopping, just driving on home. I hate to be morbid...but it is shit like this that makes me wonder if we aren't in our last days. Peace and Love, nate.
  6. i dont even want to imagine the sock perv,(although i totally got an esp visual)I HOPE HIS WINKIE FALLS OFF!whata sicko!
    many many time ive thought what the hells wrong with these people.
  7. My dad was talking about the woman who drove home with the guy on her car...i was so sad i couldnt stop thinking about it for like 5 hours

    As for the other guy hes mentally ill i learned about that shit in health its called obsessive compulsive...this one kid had it and he collected lint all day long. they eventually found a huge brick of lint under his bed swear to god.

    Everytime i hear about people getting killed i get depressed.
    oh well
  8. Nate, sometimes I wonder if we're at the end of our "time" as well. It seems like every time I turn around the human race has hit yet another "all-time low."

    But then I wonder about "The Tell-Tale Heart" and stories as such and think that perhaps there were as horrid people in the past, and we're just not relating them to current day tragedies.
    What I didn't understand was, the man was still alive, and they had proof that he had been alive and suffering for quite some time. She just LEFT HIM there in her WINDSHIELD to die so she could get off easily. It's so appalling to me :~(

    On a mental illness-related note, the Yates mother who killed her 5 children was found guilty, regardless of the fact that even the prosecution admitted she had an extensive history of mental illness/schizophrenia.
    Crazy, huh!
  9. Nobody better touch my socks damnit!! no,but seriously- i wonder where these wierdos come from.
  10. I herd both those stories.
    - the sock dude. It must suck to have fetishes like that. Oh well, I think it's odd.

    - The women, I wasn't surprised to learn she is Christian.
  11. I think people were just as sick in past times as well. Evil is evil and it has been here from the beginning of time. I just think that with the communications we have now we hear of all the craziness that goes on.

    To me it is just sad:( Some people are so sick! What really irritates me is how it's the innocent that get hurt. I saw the guys wife on tv. She was sooooooooooooo upset and who can blame her. How awful for her!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even imagine how I would feel if someone were that selfish and cold-hearted to let my husband suffer for days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yeah i heard about that yates lady too makes me sick to my stomach to think what thoes kids must have been going through

    Why cant people just love one another

  13. Because were human.
  14. That threads 3 yrs old lol
  15. What I was bored. :rolleyes:
  16. its like the wtf is in order
  17. what the fuckin hell man!!! that woman is crazy....

  18. 4 Years Old Now !!
  19. No this thread is like 8 years old

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