What the hell is wrong with our government

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  1. I have researched the war on drugs quite thoroughly and the only real health threat that weed provides is right wing Christians, the police and my boss. This so-called war that they are fighting has only been a waste of money. The government thinks they can stop drugs with commercials that tell lies about terrorism and how unhealthy marijuana is. Deep down inside they all know they are wrong. They know it is not a dangerous substance but they are too far on the right side of the fence to admit it. There are 30 million out of 250 million people in the USA who regularly use drugs. What are we going to do lock them all up? In conclusion the war on drugs is a big waste of money spent on stopping people from growing and selling a plant that ordinary Americans grow that harm no one except perhaps them self. We should have put the $35,000,000,000 we spent on the war on plants into something that actually has a negative affect on us like terrorism.

    or to put this paragraph in to simpler terms: LEGALIZE IT!!!!
  2. Write your local.state,and federal representatives,,as well as participate in any online polls conducted by many broadcast news channels..get involved in spreading the truths...we united,,can make a change....It starts at home..in our own backyard..

  3. Well i posted something like this same post in pandora's box a few days ago,its called "Gov't Bullshit" look for it and see if you got the same info cause it sounds the same. And i'm not trying to say you stole my post. But On the other hand I hope to smoke freely with the rest of you in the future,Kill weed prohibition!!!!
  4. what do you expect when your president is a slobbering idiot oilman? no offence intended of course.. :rolleyes:

    i really doubt anything will be legalized in the US for quite a while, seeing as everyone is fed constant misinformation and bullshit, and any public survey that shows support for legalization is either cancelled or supressed.. democracy my ass.. i dont really see why there are still people living in that place.
  5. The Goverment is so fucked. They spend MILLIONS of dollars on the war on drugs, which is nothing more than a war on everyday people. The Only people getting arrested are low level street dealers. This doesnt help keep drugs out. They dont even try to go after a source because it's too hard and it's much easier to arrest low level dealers with minimal work in most cases and they do this so the goverment will fund there fucking Task Forces which don't fix shit, just fill up prisons with dealers and users, like you and me. It's bullshit. They could spend that money on so much more and better things like health care, or something that at least will help us, the citizens. But No! They use it to arrest as many Americans as they can and its bull shit.

  6. they do it so middle aged voters (the only ones that vote)open up the paper and see that 25 arrests have been made in a local drug ring so they feel that the police are actually doing something when the only guys getting arrested are some nothing dealers and a few customers
  7. The main problem with our government ,is too many damned politicians .Get rid of them and your back to ,"of the people ,by the people ,and for the people."

    Them and lawyers.:)
  8. the million marijuana march event in san francisco went off so peacefully that it was hard to believe we're far from legalization. sadly it is the truth.
    write your rep's and anyone you can obtain an address from regarding this issue. the more we speak out, the more we're heard!

  9. Sweeties all please listen. There is NO WAY that weed will ever be legal until we all realize that BIG BROTHER is actually BIG BUSINESS. Big busines doesn't want weed to legal, it won't make them any $.

  10. 12 years later and I still can't answer the title question. One good thing though is that we're closer than ever to legalization.Of course the same was true at the time of the original post but we're even closer than that...
  11. They need to make money off the cancer patients. We have the cure and have had it forever but recently have figurd out how to use it to treat it. Now some people self medicate and say fuck cancer.
  12. It's illegal because most prisons are privately owned and the same owners have political influence so they fix things to get more people in their cells which makes them more profit, which they use to buy more people out and become more corrupt... It also sides with the majority of the publics opinion, no politician is brave enough to suggest legalising any drugs. Then there's a conspiracy that the government make money from the illegal drug trade.
  13. myybe our government just doesn't want a nation full of potheads and hippies?  
  14. Man, I thought my vision was fucked up when I saw this question was from 2002!
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    Legal in my state woop woop but yeah this isn't 2002 anymore
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    man i miss 02, one of the best years in my life
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    I remeber watching this cnn coference with the DEA and we asked whats so bad about the plant and the deaths and how it can benefit us in every way..the DEA was at a loss of words it was funny never herd the head of DEA sounds so stupid cause she had such old information that was like 60 years old lol. Classic watching some one studder over there words cause you literally cant say nothing bad about something that is so helpfull

    And they rest of the people are realizing but the others who dont have a clue dont watch the news to be schooled...it is going to be legal in this whole country. Be patient..we won...its now convincing the stupid governor/mayer of your state. If your vote passed...but i find this stupid...65% voted yes for full legalization...so that means the big shots go talk to the governor to get it signed....pretty much everyone in office in wisconsin want it legal..the govenor does not so after all its really his word not the peoples..fuckin screwed up waiste of time not fair...so my question is why have votes if its really down to what this person wants. Wisconsin governor is a moron hes like a child molester who wants to get rid of birth controll so young teens can have kids

    Its population controll i sware by it lol...ok think of all the shit they made legal that sent people to the hospital or even died. then all of a sudden its gone. Why didnt this stuff get tested? How did this stuff get on the store shelf? And the big question...why?

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    My favorite part was the ending. People back then, and hell, still do actually believe that "terrorism" is a real threat! Hahaha! Even in the miniscule chance that the state may do something to stop the slim chance of a terrorist attack no one stops to realize that the same damn government created and is directly responsible for these so called terrorists. Ever heard of blowback? Ever wonder why America is the only ones paranoid about these Muslim extremists? The government created the problem and has convinced the people that they need to be "protected" aka lose all rights and live in fear. You are far more likely to be murdered by the police than any damn terrorist. The US government is the biggest terrorist organization on earth!
  20. Accept it humbly my friend. I know it is frustrating no matter which way you look at it. Just know that you, yourself may place yourself in safety. You must know when that time is though. Sometimes home isn't always what it which seems.

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