What The Hell Is This?

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    Hello, I forgot if this was my first post or not but anyways here we go.
    Hey guys I am new here and have a question for ya.
    I'm not new to bongs as i've had plenty of crappy acrylic bongs but recently I went to my local headshop and finally got enough cash for a nice glass piece and I went ahead and bought a second slider as well.  But there is a particular part of the bong that gets me flustered I don't know what the hell it is or what it even does for you. so my question to you is
    What the hell is this ? what does it do and finally how do you clean it
    Thank you and happy tokin.  :smoke:

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    Its a really simple perc, its meant to filter your smoke a second time. Fill the bottom with water like you normally would, then pour water in from top and fill it above the hole on that tubing where the smoke comes though and below where the bend is. If you have the water level right it should bubble in the middle and filter your smoke again.
    Also im not sure the best way to clean that since i see rubber grommets, but isopropyl alcohol is the standard for cleaning. Pour in  iso and shake, add salt for abrasion if necessary. But the alcohol might eat at the rubber so i wouldnt do it.
  3. Yea I cleaned the bottom part with no problem just hot water and an old toothbrush I found laying around. I didn't know whether it was a perc or if it was just there to be there lol. I heard the best way to clean it was to use shaving cream? Well anyways thank you.
  4. Like he said it's a really simple perc. I haven't seen one like that that wasn't homemade or really old lol
  5. yea well I'm out in BFE so I am assuming its locally blown here. Either way its a really nice piece for the price. although the slider was crappy so I bought a new one right away.
  6. Best way to clean it would be to get some rubbing alcohol and salt, then mix it around. Salt doesn't dissolve in rubbing alcohol, and works as a scrubber. Water doesn't work well with resin, and rubbing alcohol peels it right off. It's best to let it soak a little too. (Don't fill it up too much, about the same amount of water you'd put in. Oh and be sure to clean and rinse it to hell, just to be safe. 

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