What the hell is this thing on top of my bud?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by dokholidae, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Hello Forumers,

    I'm very close to harvesting this plant, and I've been eyeing this particular cone that looks like some type of knotting up from the pistils. Could it be mold? It doesn't look like any of the pictures I've seen on mold (which I understand is white, and fuzzy). A type of fungus?


    I originally suspected it was too close to the lamp that caused this, but now I'm not so sure because the other cones do not have the same problem.

    More pictures:



    Lighting distance:


    Will appreciate a couple replies on this matter, as I'm going to harvest this soon (< 1 week). I want to know what I'm dealing with here because it's going to be personal smokes for me and my friends, and we do not want anything weird.

    I might as well snip the little thing off with my blades when it comes time to harvest.
  2. I'm not really sure but it sorta looks like mold. I've found when growing plants that mould looks different each time I get it.
  3. Aye, but wouldn't there be mold on the other cones too? If so, then I am lucky this is just an isolated affected cone.

    Either way, I plan to cut it out.

  4. yah your pics arent very clear but it does look like mold what do you got your humidity at?
  5. The humidity from my cheap thermostat reads ~45. I believe 45-55 is ideal conditions. I also have a fan blowing through the buds on top of the screen, as well as a 2ndary fan on the bottom blowing.

    I clipped the offending site out anyway. Here is the picture outside the bud site, a bit more clear I believe:

  6. I just started a new thread on what seems to be the very same problem you're having. The only thing I can think of in my case is that this particular plant was kept very close to a 90 watt LED for most of it's life.

    What type of seed are you growing? Mine's a fast bud. I have another under the hps along with some Red Dwarfs and it's not showing any of the same signs. It's really odd that I've never seen or heard of this before and here you are with the same problem at the same time.

    Maybe together we can come up with something. Here's a link to my post:

    I liked the way you described it as a "knotting of the pistils" I was really grasping for the words.

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