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What the hell is this sh*t? Is it even weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FalconFour, May 7, 2011.

  1. #1 FalconFour, May 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 7, 2011
    OK guys, you're my last hope here. All 3 roomies agree it "must be weed". I don't. I've never seen anything like it. It looks like it might be "cannabis" about as much as the peel of a banana is still "a banana". Isn't this the leaves and stems of the plant? That's not even supposed to be smoked, is it?


    And if it's a big "uhm, no, don't smoke that", I'm'a be printing this thread and showing 'em (the roomie that gave me the stuff), and I'm pretty sure it's a god-honest mistake...

    edit: For those of you just joining us...

  2. lol thats like parsley or something
  3. that doesn't look smokable..

  4. shit that stuff looks like somekind of herbal cooking ingredient like oregano or crushed bay leaves,
    does not look like weed, but i may be wrong
  5. I hope you didn't pay anything for that. Trimmings are pretty much only good for edibles and hash not rolling up.
  6. What does it smell like?
  7. thats not weed...
  8. that is DEFINATELY not weed. lmao, meh, smell it, its generally pretty obvious if it is or not...
  9. sorry but how can you have 766 posts and be asking that?
  10. if that is weed it is probably the dried out leaf bits and I wouldn't smoke that due to how harsh it would be.
  11. UM DUH NO NOT WEED now print this shit out and get any money you paid the guy back
  12. Not even trimmings......the heck did you get those from your backyard? Looks like raked leaves..
  13. uhm, no, don't smoke that
  14. Im positive its from a marijuana plant. But that looks like trimmings and stems. Something that could be saved to make hash..but not smoked.

    Im confused why you have so much rep, and didn't know this.

  15. I'm a geek, not a hardcore smoker... I just smoke on occasion when it's available. Don't even recall the last time I paid for weed... I always get it for doing some computer work :p But on that note, how can you have 263 posts and still have a hanging "url" tag in your sig? :wave: ;)

    All I "paid" for this was refurbing a guy's totally fucked-up laptop... was a day's worth of idle work ("meh, nothing better to do"). The guy gave me a big-ass Ziploc bag of this stuff and was like "grab some", and there were like 4 of us there... everyone thought it was a nice bag 'o' weed. They were even smoking the stuff too. Weird.

    Well, the general consensus is "wtf is that shit?". I'll pass the word along and see what comes of it... but I suspect the guy just got screwed into a Ziploc bag of junk.
  16. Looks like you got some dank stems and leaves there.

    My exact thought, unless OP trolled for rep.
  17. Lmao! You got ripped, that looks like leaves and stems or not even weed.

    Smoke it if you want, but don't expect shit.

    Hope you get hooked up soon because that is fucking depressing..
  18. Looks at rep. Yehp this guys, is a troll thread. Obvious OP went outside and grabbed some shit off the ground to post here for the lulz.

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