What the hell is this muscle?

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    Its on the side of the torso, and its just under the armpit. Its not the obliques. Anyways mine on the left side seems a bit bigger than the right, but I'm right handed.

    I can take pictures if needed but it seems really large on my left side. Compared to the right side anyways. :confused:

    I want to say lats but I don't think it is... its a weird bulge on the side.

    It doesn't hurt or anything just seems out of place. It looks normal when I'm just standing but if my arms are up for any reason its bulged out.
  2. Taking a picture would be easier ? To tell.
    I'm guessing it's your lats. The lats kinda stretch upwards when you raise your arms.
    A more domineering side will often develop , especially for back muscles. So it's pretty normal.
  3. Hmm, a wing-a-ling dragon perhaps?

    Wing-a-ling dragon for reference:

  4. Yeah, I don't know but either way it doesn't hurt so it can't be bad. Plus when my arms straight up it looks normal in my opinion. I just started doing stuff that would work my lats directly this past Friday so that would be strange.

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    Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major and Teres Minor.
    But you are mainly concerned about Latissimus Dorsi, the other two muscles are more posterior.


    Latissimus Dorsi extends, adducts and medially rotates the shoulder. So hit exercises that act on those actions.

    Wide arm pullups with knuckles facing you, Lat. Pulldowns, Bent Over Dumbbell rows and straight arm cable pushdowns [you know the cable exercise you do to hit your triceps? Do it with straight arms].
  6. either lats or serratus
  7. After looking into it, that seems to be the one. Serratus anterior, also called "Boxers Muscle" because its used most in throwing punches. :smoking: Explains it.

  8. Which hand do you......... with ? :p:p
  9. My right hand, and by the way the muscles in my forearm on that side are drastically more noticeable!

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