what the hell is the point of

Discussion in 'General' started by d2000, May 3, 2004.

  1. non-alcoholic beer?

    i cant imagine why anyone would drink that stuff. no realistic scenarios pop into mind.
  2. My girlfriends uncle is slightly autistic..he has seizures and isn't allowed to drink or smoke..But being a middle aged man he still enjoys kicking back with the other guys and drinking beer witht he rest of em...what he doesn't know is that hes always given "O'doyles" non alcoholic beer.... he claims its his favorite and swears by it

    ok..thats one scenario where it could come into play... any others people?...
  3. they make other non-alcoholic drinks too ya know... do you question why they make those also?

    ...people like how it tastes? wild idea i know...
  4. what other non-alcoholic? like coca cola? no i dont question that. but beer isn't the best tasting. a good scenario was presented in the first reply and it makes more sense to me now.
  5. For the same reason they make 1-ply toilet paper...
  6. because some people do like the taste of beer. you cant say that people drink beer for the sole purpose of getting drunk. maybe some people drink beer then something medically happens and they cant drink nemore, so they drink NA.

  7. so you drink it and get crap all over your hands? lol

    its onlt gotta be if ppl like the taste, i enjoy my beer
    but only cos you can sit back and get slowly drunk lol.

    i personally wouldnt drink it as the tastes ok, but its nothing special. not something i'd miss.
  8. Haha, this is kinda on topic, kinda off. But anyone see on Chapelle's Show where he has O'Dweeds, non-THC weed. So you can toke up without getting blazed, hah.

    And if ya haven't...
    O'Dweeds Clip

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