What the hell is going on here?

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  1. OK, she is under 2 weeks old Indica dominant for sure. She has gone through some rough times going a day or so in 90+ F conditions. Anyway, she looks like a mutant. What the hell is going on here? View attachment 1226936
  2. How about dome pics? 1371842385384.jpg 1371842406778.jpg 1371842424818.jpg 1371842446332.jpg
  3. to hot get a fan on her and lots of water
  4. 90f is no big deal, just your plant slow or stops growing, the real issue here is your plant is in great pain, due to the cronic nute burn you have been giving to her, ensure you have big drainage holes in the bottom, then pour 3 times the volume of the pot of air temp. ph neutral water thru the pot allow to recover in dim light 1x day, NO nute for 2-3 weeks or until you see a positive recovery
    Transplant in about 2-3 weeks to a mix of 50% potting mix and 50% perlite, water well to dim light to recover 1x day then continue vegging
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    I've only been feeding her distilled water. Would miracle grow soil be the problem here? It also has had a fan on it 24 hours a day. Right now I have it under 23 watts actual 5000k and 23 watts of 6500k. Broke my other 6500 couple nights ago. :angry:
  6. Here are some more pics. The little one is doing just fine. 1371878193512.jpg 1371878205069.jpg 1371878234867.jpg 1371878244247.jpg 1371878260376.jpg

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