What the hell is a "fake" stoner?

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  1. Seriously? I was about to smoke with a friend last night when I put on some Led Zeppelin. I didn't think anything of it, I've grown up listening to classic rock and have listened to it my whole life. My friend pointed out that I'm a "fake" stoner because I listen to classic rock, and at the time I was also wearing a Bob Marley shirt. Wtf is a fake stoner? I smoke, I've been smoking for a while, and I don't plan to stop or pretend like I smoke when I really don't.

    Anyone else find this totally ridiculous?
  2. They were just being Stereotypical.

    EDIT well they were try to say You are a stereotypical stoner, nothin wrong with zeppelin and bob to me
  3. thats retarded. you can listen to whatever you want. there is no "stoner" music. and marley was more than just about weed and you can where whatever you want so fuck him lol
  4. To me, fake stoners are those little 12-13 year olds that run around at the mall with stereotypical marijuana attire/music and they talk all, "groovy man" and "duuuuude" and they try to get all glassy eyed and pretend to laugh uncontrollably at random stuff and they try to stuff a lot of food down their throats pretending to "have a serious case of the munchies man".

    I hate those bastards. Ruins my high.
  5. Exactly. I was just like fuck that, I love Bob Marley. And not just because of his "peace and love" shit, but because I've been obsessed with him since I was like 3. Grew up with a pot head dad that has all his CD's and shit. It sucks that people put stereotypical little kid stoners with him now.
  6. A fake stoner is the kid you knew in highschool that pretended like he did alot of drugs and smoked pot because he thought it was cool.

    "Dude, I smoked the fattest blunt by myself this morning"

    "Oh yeah, what kinda green ya smokin?"

    "Kind that gets you high"

    I'm sureeeee.
  7. some people just take smoking pot too seriously, like theres a right way to be a pothead or something lol
  8. In a thread I made awhile ago I tried to label different types of stoners:

    Here is what I feel the fake stoners are,

    8. Social Smoker
    - These people suck, they get high because their friends (or somebody they're trying to impress) are getting high. Often these are completely drug naive assholes who get wasted at a party and then take a few tokes to boost their popularity. These people tend to trip out the worst when they're high and may even start insulting marijuana because they don't know how to handle themselves when they're high. This type of stoner is most often a prep, a giggling/retarded teenage girl, or an anti-drug jock who thinks booze is fine but drugs are for losers. This is not really a good group to be in and you'll indefinitely piss off any of the other stoners if you are one of these people.
  9. Haha. She is quite a bitch to smoke with. Passed out less than an hour after smoking, so I ate all her food. Good times :)
  10. The only way to be a "fake" stoner, would be to go around bragging about smoking and not actually smoke. It has nothing to do with what music or t-shirts you like, do what you want
  11. your friend is retarded. zeppelin rules.
  12. Smack him in the mouth, you can listen to whatever music you want.

    Next time tell him that he is a "fake" stoner since he misses the whole meaning of being a stoner and feels the need to insult people.

  13. agreed.
  14. dude your friend probably just thinks you are trying to fit the stereotypical view of a stoner ( classic rock, bob marley).

    Just tell him that you just wanna do what you wanna do and he blows your buzz by calling you a phoney.
  15. personally i like rock music more than reggae when I'm baked

    not hard rock but nice classic rock.

    maybe I'm just weird :D
  16. For him.

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  17. What I dont really get is this. When did getting high, become so complicated.

    A couple post back there is a thread to Stoner Styles (No Offence dude), when did being a stoner have to have a classification?, when did getting high have to be accepted into a class of itself.

    I believe the moral of this topic is, there is no fake stoners, you either smoke, or you dont smoke.

    If you say you smoke, but you dont smoke, then you arent a stoner at all.

    Marijuana is supposed to increase the peace, and increase the perception of different actions. Marijuana smokers arent supposed to be put in a class.

    Your friend isnt too bright OP, because Bob Marley only had a handfull of songs that talked about getting high. The rest was about life experiences.

    Cypress Hill is more of a "Stoner Band", when it comes down to it, Nearly half of every album has some sort of Stoner song.

    Roll it up
    Stoned is the way of the walk
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    your friend is a douche. I listen to ALL kinds of music when I'm high. I swear there's probably times when I've listened to polka and enjoyed the hell out of it. Btw 100th post :)

    Edit: that was last night LOL
  19. I like listening to Swedish Reggae, nice and soothing. Governor Andy - Bonus Por Kotet

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