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What the hell happened to me last night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Etobicoke, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. What the fuck happened to me last night? I am still trying to figure it out, I didn't even take that much because it was meant to be a "peaceful" high. It's practically impossible to comprehend and I don't even rememember 95% of the things I experienced.

    I started shaking like that African voodoo shit, so I moved to my bed and it got worse and worse, my heart was beating so god damn fast and I couldn't stop sweating and moving, to relax, I put on some music and I had one of the best experiences of my life.

    I was still shaking like mad, but with each different song there was a story and I saw everything that I had ever seen before. When I was listening to [ame=""]bittersweet symphony[/ame]. I was sitting in a venetian gondola and Mr. potato head and a bunch of fruit with handle bar moustaches were playing the amazing intro to the song. When I was listening to [ame=""]tudthumpin[/ame], my whole world was like some swirling yellow shit and I saw a talking grape with the Pringles guy face as well as that dancing Asian boy that's in everyone's sigs.

    I know everyone on here will probably say that I am faking but this is a true story. I can't remember much more but for 3 hours I was shaking in my bed and having random images fly in my brain in sync with whatever song I listened to.

    For some reason I had Sabaton [ame=""]"Primo Victoria[/ame]"(A metal song) song in my high playlist, but when the song came on, I became an ice climber on a tit, but for some reason the ground was something like the moon's surface, I was dodging Turtles who threw cars at me behind their barricades, I don't remember how I beat them but I made it to the top of the biggest tittie when Bedouin Soundclash's "[ame=""]When the night hears my song[/ame]" came on and as the lyrics said "I said goodbye to the setting sun and headed down the mountain slope".

    My memory goes blank afterwards, but looking at my IPod, I played more songs, but I remember nothing of them. It's 8:25am right now and my stomach feels like the times when I am stuffed from movie theatre popcorn.

    I don't think the weed was laced, because I had a great high with this weed on new year's, I think it was just a case of smoking too much(even though I only smoked the remainders). But shit, at the beginning when the heart beating was the worse. I realized about 1/2 way into my hallucinated high that it was like a drum beat leading into an epic song, I thought I was going to die for a moment, but I chilled out and then I had these amazing dreams and visions flying through my head like some matrix code.

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I don't usually post about my high experiences but I have never heard or read shit like what happened to me last night
  2. It's quite normal really, you just got molested by Uncle Dank.
  3. The usual. Smoke produced from extremely fine cannabis has the probability to trigger a colossal reaction within the medula oblangata to cause halluctinations. In addition, the excessive amount of THC also floods into the frontal lobe. This also causes an impact on the degree or severity of the hallucinations. This would explain your "trip" from the cannabis. I am delighted that you had such a wonderful experience. Kudos, friend!
  4. I want what he's smoking

  5. QFE - Im jealous...
  6. No you dont, for the first hour I thought I was going to die. I was shaking all over the place, sweating and my chest and heart felt like ripping out.

    I could only lie in the fetal position because everything else hurt more
  7. ive had 1 experience where it felt like i was gonna have a heart attack (craziest high ever) and that was with sum mids (had to have been laced)

    but i just smoked sum ghani the other day after watching apocolypse man or sum shit on the history channel and i ended up tryin 2 close my eyes cuz i was so fucked up and tryin 2 get ahold of myself - i didnt fall asleep but went into sum kinda zoned out trance-like state of mind where i was an asteroid hurtling past thousands of stars and planets and different solar systems n shit goin super fast until i came to a brown surface and my vision exploded - i opened my eyes and looked at the clock above the tv and almost 30 min had passed

    so i can def relate 2 crazy ass highs:smoking: haha
  8. I'll have what he's having :smoking:
  9. you guys are fuckign crazy if i could still smoke weed (i will be able to in another year or so) then I would be fuckign gaming on those incredible highs, that or calling up some bitch and trying to get laid. FUCKKKKKKKK i'm mad jealous (sorry it was frightening to you OP, i don't mean to sound like a jerk off)
  10. Did you smoke out of tinfoil? The one time I did i couldn't stop my body (espcially legs) from shaking pretty hard, it wouldn't stop untill I went to sleep. That could explain the shaking part.
  11. I actually missed my New Years this year because I had a similar event and this is that story:

    It was about 6:00 p.m. and It was my buddy and I, we were pregaming at my place smoking mad bowls, listening to music, random conversation about how the night was going to be fun (foreshadowing much?) and it was about an hour into it and we had stopped and were watching Super Mario Brothers: The Movie haha and his buddy calls him asking him if he wanted to smoke some bowls and well me being me and it never being enough I told my buddy that his friend could cruise over and we could partake in yet, another plentiful sesh.

    His friend gets to my place and we sit in my living room for a bit just shootin' the shit and then I get up and say lets move this into my room. We get into my room where his friend then packs one of the biggest bowls I have ever seen, so him being so generous I decide what the hell? With it being New Year's Eve and all I decide to do the same and have two very full and deep bowls going in rotation with 3 already very high people. The roto goes smoothly and we smoked it all which seemed like a journey. We finished up, packed up and were just about to head out when I remembered I had some brownies so again even though I was already toasted out of my mind I figured it was New Years and I would have some extra fun and go all out. I took one and gave my friend half.

    By this point it was about 8:00 p.m. and we were waiting for our party to start up which was going to be a massive 300 person party in a private community with a dj, and a reggae band so we went to my buddies house to wait for it to start. At this point my friend's buddy had peaced out and so it was just my friend and I at his pad so we went outside to just relax. We get outside to his patio area and we were hanging out for about 10 minutes and my friend said he had to use the bathroom so he went inside and thats when it hit me. I remember looking up at the sky and just thinking about how precious life was and looking at the clouds and this one cloud looked like a balet dancer in full swing (Iguess is what you would call it) and then it suddenly turned into a skull and I suddenly became cold, shivering and it felt like I had jumped in the arctic ocean and was sitting on snow with a tundra like breeze engulfing my body. My friend comes out with some Jim Beam I take one look at it and remember telling him to get it away from me cuz there was pure evil just waiting to be let loose haha and he started talking to me and I asked him if we could just sit and do nothing.

    By this point I was shivering so bad my friend asked me if I was okay and from a scale from 1-10 what I was and I remember I was so cold I tried saying im just fucked up and cold but my lip was quivering and it sounded like I was stuttering and I began to laugh my ass off for an awkward 10 minutes which felt like a lifetime and all I remember my friend saying was, "damn dude are you okay? do you want a blanket?" and I just looked at him and at that point I thought we were underwater, I was trippin out hardcore at this point so I eventually agree to him getting me a blanket and while he was gone I felt like I was in the middle of the desert in October and that I had to watch out for scorpions and tarantulas crawling up into my nitch I had made to sleep in (wtf right?) my friend comes out hands me the blanket and I just shivered and looked up once more thinking I would regain my sanity but, in looking up I began to think of several different things all at the same time with ideas and math being boiled up into a giant cauldron of insanity. I remember ideas kept floating into my head and I would try and solve them with math and my own theories and began to trip out on the illusion that I thought I was dreaming and that this was all just another person's dream and that my life was about to end or that I was just going to wake up and everything I had come to know in life was all going to be just something I made up in a dream and as soon as that hit me I puked and I felt like that scene in the first Matrix movie where Neo takes all that information in, I felt like the same bits of information had just been fed to me.

    So I puked and thinking for a second that made me a bit better, which it didn't I told my friend I was sorry and I would pick it up and he was way cool about it and he said he would just hose it off later and to not worry about it so I said sorry once more. He then asks me if I'm okay and I explained to him what had just gone through my mind and he just sat there saying,"damn" over and over again with his eyes bugged out of his eye sockets. After that I don't remember anything I just remember waking up at 4 in the morning thinking I had just dreamt that and it was actually New Year's Eve day all over again, I looked at my phone and it was 1/1/2010. I remember not even caring I had missed New Years but, just wondering how the fuck I got home because my friend was drinking and no way he was going to drive cuz he just had gotten over a DUI.

    I later found out I guess I called a random group of chicks that were all friends that I didn't really know well but, had recently met them at some club that we should all chill and party and blah blah and made plans for them to pick me up and roll to this party, so they picked me up and I guess I got in the car and told them some bullshit but, funny (to me) story that I had to go help my grandma bake New Year's Eve cookies and that I had to go home right that instant or I wouldn't get to watch Jeopardy with her for a week haha. They took me home and I guess I just stared out the window the entire time saying "na na na na wait till I get my money right" over and over again till we got to my place where I just got out and stumbled into the darkness. I explained everything to them the next morning and apologized about everything, thankfully they were super cool about it and now they are my blazing buddies :D
  12. lol insanely high
  13. I've never had a high quite that intense, but I did smoke some NYC Diesel one time that got me super messed up.
  14. Lol dude that sounds awesome but It's a shame about the shaking and shit, I was high at college once and when I was in the train station when I was going home, I thought the trains were looking at me and singing (the front of the train being its face, kinda like a huge snake), I found it pretty funny at the time :smoking:
  15. This has happened to me except the hallucinations. I smoked a 2 gram blunt and my world started caving in. Really hard to breathe and my heart was pounding! I couldn't fucking moved! I literally was STONED!

    I smoked around 10pm and planned to enjoy my high on the computer till around maybe 2-3am (I do this on a nightly basis just not with a 2 gram blunt.) I didn't make it past 10:15pm. I was so god dam stoned and my body was hurting and I felt like I wanted to throw up! I ended up laying on my couch and knocking out till 2pm the next day!

    Anyone of you scientist care to explain that one?

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