what the hell does 'BUMP' mean????

Discussion in 'General' started by chiefMOJOrisin, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. I'm not too keen on the interet lingo. I know the basic corny shit like 'lol' and 'imo' but past that I'm quite internetabbreviationilliterate.

    so what the fuck does 'bump' mean?? is that like someones sign of approval or something??

    i'm lost
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  2. this will help:

    BUMP to bring up somebody's post typically by posting the word "bump" on a message board
    Can also stand for

  3. A bump is also a Coke term. Usually 35mg or so, in a small circle is considered a "bump"

    -hooray wikipedia.

    But yes, in internet lingo, it just means to bring up post count, or move a thread to the top (bump it to the top) when you have nothing really important to say.
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  4. i know what bump means in drug lingo.

    so basically 'bump' is people trying to raise their post count?? thats lame
  5. No, its someone who wants their thread higher up on the list so people can see it.
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  6. Basically. Bumping a thread is also done to bring a thread back to the top of the page, so more people can read it and reply. Definitly a lame thing to do.
  7. ^Correctness.

    Has nothing to do with post count :D

  8. gotcha.

    however my opinion on its lameness remains
  9. Well, at least it's better than them making several of the same threads :p
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  10. Better to bump an old thread than to create a new one of the same topic.
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  11. Yeah.. Lame. As well as incredibly annoying.
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