what the HELL did I just smoke?

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  1. Hi guys... I frequent this forum, so I guess it's relevant to say "long time reader, first time poster". Please take a minute to read this and help me figure out what the hell I smoked....

    I am a paraplegic, so I use a wheel-chair. Last year I discovered that smoking weed helps me a lot with pain, and hey, it's fun. I spent about 6 months smoking WHITE WIDOW everyday ... during this period, I also experimented with psychedelics (shrooms, lsd, salvia) and realized I'm only interested in weed... nothing else.

    In that time, the mixture of psychedelics really got me worried and regretful, so I stopped doing everything for about another 6 months.

    Very recently, I moved to Toronto. I don't know anyone at all here. Which was unfortunate, since I decided I need the weed to help me with pain, again. And this time... ONLY weed, I vowed. The lack of knowing people, however, led me to go to the streets to get my supply.

    So yesterday, I bought a gram off this bull-dog looking fella in the park. I got home, rolled it, and smoked. I smoked 30 % of the joint, and chilled. It was a soft high, and got me remembering those hilarious 6 months...

    Today, I decided to smoke the rest of the joint. I smoked about 80 % of what was left... it hit pretty fast, and it was "weird" so I lay down and started to watch a movie... within about 10 minutes I began experiencing dissociation with everything. Things stopped making sense, to put it simply. I began to SEE words and HEAR colors. It kept getting more and more intense until eventually everything in my vision began deteriorating and I started to sink deeper and deeper into what seemed like CLOSED EYE VISUALS. At first it was kind of like my salvia trip, but it was 10 times more intense. The thing is, I DID NOT EXPECT to trip out all I wanted was to get a little high. All of this was freaking me out because I didn't know what was going on, and these "CEVs" became more intense until everything went white and my breathing became realllly shallow. I could still hear the movie on TV and the characters started talking to me "it's okay, let go" -- "time to die now" and I honestly thought I had smoked something that killed me...

    After that, I suddenly opened my eyes and found my self in my room but NOTHING made sense. I got myself through the trip knowing that this was laced and knowing that I had experience with psychedelics... I think if I didn't have this experience, I would have panicked. "Relax" and "Calm Down, it'll be over soon" are what got me through the trip.

    In all... it took me OVER ONE HOUR to realize exactly what had happened. It is 7 hours later now, and I still feel quite disoriented. I feel bad and disconnected...

    I hope someone has had the patience and curiosity to read all of this. What exactly did I smoke? I did some googling and found that PCP is the most common thing to lace weed with, is that true? PCP is a dissociative drug that causes hallucinations. Is the mixture of PCP and WEED known as "ANGEL DUST" is that what I smoked? and why did it last so long? is it normal that I'm still feeling weird so long afterwards?

    I'd really appreciate some help guys... and sorry for the long post and double sorry if this is the wrong category to submit this to.
  2. damn sounds like a bad time man. Not much direct info I can give you since I don't know anything about PCP, but sounds reasonable I guess.

    I'm usually kinda skeptical about weed being laced since it doesn't seem cost effective, but sounds like you either got some super chronic or some messed up stuff.

    Either way, I'd suggest checking these groups out, they may be able to help you get your medicine in a safer manner. Sorry to hear about your bad experience dude, best of luck. I'd say sleep it off and be safer in the future, you never know what people will sell you on the street...

    Toronto Compassion Club Toronto (416) 931-8776 Toronto Compassion Centre

    C.A.L.M. Toronto (416) 367-3459 info@cannabisclub.ca
  3. Thanks, man. Hmm, Chronic... what is that exactly?

    I appreciate the links. I already applied to the TCC and I will surely get accepted, but the thing is it takes 3 + weeks, and I have pain now. If only I can put pain on pause :p

    in the meantime... I'm gonna have to either suck it up and try again, or accept the pain for a few weeks! urgh.
  4. yeah man I feel you on the pain, although surely a lesser level. I sprained my ankle bad a couple weeks back and was dyin until I picked up a nice fat sack of bud.

    chronic is just slang for high-grade marijuana.

    I'd say, it may be hard for you to get out and about, not sure of your situation. But I'd try to meet some non-street people, just be friendly, especially in Canada I feel like it shouldn't be that hard to meet some legit people willing to help you out.

    Might also check out the Cafe scene. I've read a bit about some spots, just googling I found:
    KINDRED CAFE ( Yonge & Wellesley ) in Toronto
    HOT BOX CAFE which is located in the Kensington Market area ( Spadina & Dundas )

    as well as:Where i would ask people for weed if i had no connections is kensington, watch out for rip offs.

    Good luck ;)

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