"What the HELL did I just say??" Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by LetsGoCanes, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Did a search, couldn't find a thread like it.

    Have you ever had those moments when your baked off your shiny (or hairy, for some of us) little ass, and you just say something to your buddy that makes little to NO sense looking back on it? This thread is for those moments where you say "how the fuck did i just come up with that?"

    mine from tonight:

    "I feel like a ditto like the pokemon but morphed into a person but still with the pink jellyish consistency. I'm a jellyman!!"

    "My nuts feel like a stretchy leather water balloon with 2 hershey chocolate easter eggs clackin' around in there"

    "All the hot water in my body is filling my fingers and feet."

    God damn, rips off a blunt after a 2 week break'll do that to ya! :smoke:
  2. yeah i get this pretty much EVERY time i talk to someone high, you should re start this thread in a dif section like real life stories or something would def be popular
    cant think of any at the moment, because usually when they happen im stoned out of my mind so don't really remember
  3. I feel the thc coursing through my vains!
  4. ive said that exact same thing before
  5. ''I feel my every hair on my head! And they're like, headbanging!''

  6. :metal::metal::metal::metal:
  7. Story of my life!
  8. MAAAAn i hateeeeee that i was smoking with my friends once and we decided to start rapping, so we turn a beat on and i told one of my friends a really cool line and hes like THATS SICkkk i was fucking laughing then i forgot what i said i was hella mad later cause it was actually pretty cool
  9. " i feel like a noodle"
  10. "isnt it weird to think we all have dicks?"

    said this at a group sesh, havent seen those lads since and i regret it to this day
  11. i never have things that dont make sense, but sometimes i mix up my words and everything goes to hell. example: i was palying a video game with 2 friends and i said "we gotta get the bigshdfbkhebfhbefjhbsdfhb" i meant to say "we gotta get the big guy" but i tripped over my words and just said a bunch of noises. happens fairly often....
  12. "I could sleep a hippo"
    "That's all money!"
    "Growing is disgusting"
    "My dreams sometimes taste like hypnotic"
    "Rooms spinning, Zuttted!"
  13. yeah i've done this aswell, in front of my dad, fuck i just like started yammering and after like 5 seconds i was like 'what in the sweet flying mother of fuck did i just say?'
  14. ok guys, i got one for the ages. this happened yesterday

    "i feel like i'm alaskan dog sledding, except it aint alaska, and it aint snowin', buddy"
  15. Hmm, cant think of any atm...but ill be thinking.. its even worse when you are sober and something comes out that u didnt intend to say, at all...
  16. I once said "I'd like to eat a bread"
  17. Well i thaught of something my friend did, he was drunk and high, and someone was in the kitchen doing something and he goes "why are u making sounds of cereal?" was pretty funny..
  18. lulz 2010ers...

    jk ;)

    usually when I over swear irl.

    edit: and of course random shit when fucked up.

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