What the hell did I find in my woods?

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  1. I can't get pictures right now, but I'll try to soon. So out on my property, back in a clearing, there's a large really concentrated patch of a plant that looks alot like cannabis. It doesn't smell like anything in particular, and I can't figure out why a plant that isn't cannabis but looks like it would be concentrated like that. Most of the plants are around 6 feet tall, but there's no buds and it doesn't smell like MJ. Any ideas what I might have here? Or should I check back after a while for buds?
  2. Cleome? google it
  3. It could be fake weed. I forgot what the shits called but you can buy it at Wal-Mart and its like part cannabis and has leaves that resemble marijuana leaves but they're alot bigger and droopy. And it's legal because it doesnt bud.
  4. No, it's not Cleome, that's for sure. Might be fake weed, but i've never even heard of that before... Sure isn't available at wal-mart here. And why would there be tons of it in one area? Is it possible that it's weed, or would it smell?
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    It could be weed, how big is the plant and how many are there? You probably stumbled upon someones stash...

    Btw the plant I was talking about was something aurelius I'm pretty sure... I honestly dont remember though he briefly mentioned the name of it one time when I was looking at it and he said he bought the seeds at wal mart
  6. could be hemp. like from back in the days when people were made to grow it, or even wild hemp.
  7. Eh, hard to tell how many plants there are. There's probably anywhere from 50-200 depending, they're so concentrated it's thick, and they are growing around a broken down above-ground pool that the previous owner threw away like 10 years ago or something. Each plant is 4-6 foot tall as i said before. And I looked around, besides right next to the broken pool, there's one or two plants in the rest of the clearing, and NONE outside it. I walked around for a few hours, and haven't ever seen that plant anywhere else.
  8. If there aren't any more anywhere else then it could be a plant that was caused by the old pool like mold. its obviously not mold but do you knoe what i mean? something that never would have grown but once the old pool was thrown tehre the water buildup and chemicals could have caused it
  9. i haven't seen any anywhere else, no. First time I ever saw that plant, and in that great of a concentration, I'm wondering if someone's growing a crop on my property. If that was the case, wouldn't the plants smell though?
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    Think you might be talking about ditch weed. i have heard of it before. Not from walmart it grows wild
  11. Does this pool have water in it? It is common for growers to plant near a water source they could be using it for watering without having to lug water for a long distance
  12. Your wasting peoples time without photos.

  13. WORD!:devious:
  14. maybe you struck gold... pictures please!
  15. What do you mean "struck gold"? You are not advocating that this person STEAL someone else's plants are you?

    Bad, bad mojo.

  16. Well technically it is his property, and he is entitled to take whatever he wants. Are you saying that we can all come over and stash our plants in your front lawn? I mean if there is no risk for me and I still get to reap the harvest, hell yeah I'm down!

    I am a gorilla grower and that's the chance I take if someone finds it. If I found some shit on my property, it's mine! If I'm the one that's going to get the heat from the cops, shit, there is no question.

    "Bad, bad mojo" is farming on someone elses' property. What if this guy has a stash in his house and the cops come knockin' on his door because they found this other guys crop? "No officer it's not mine." Yeah, how many times do you think they heard that one.
  17. It's called Arailia elegantissima. It resembles a skinny leafed sativa, but more leathery. We had one in a head shop I worked in back in the 70s. Poor thing got "pinched to death". I hope no one got sick smoking it! :eek:

    Some varieties of kenaf (sp?) look VERY much like cannabis-most have heart shaped leaves, but a few (until they flower) look so much like you-know-what...well, the DEA has been fooled by it! :eek: We really should plant kenaf everywhere in the cities- it has such lovely hollyhock-like flowers! You'd be beautifying the neighborhood! (You can find the seeds on line) And it would be all kinds of legal fun watching the cops go crazy trying to decide what was cannabis and what was kenaf! LOL :rolleyes:

    There are quite a few plants that resemble cannabis- potentilla is another one, but it is usually lower growing. Give me a photo and chances are I can give you the genus, if not the species. Bio major - 1st time around in college.

    Granny :wave:
  18. Sorry for bad pic quality, took with my phone.


    After doing a side-by-side comparison, I don't think it's MJ. However, it's still odd that there's so much of one thing clumped together.
  19. Nah thats not MJ
  20. defo not mj, sorry dude

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