What the hell Condom in the bath tub

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  1. My friends and I decided to throw a party since one of our roommates turned 21. My friend DJ's for dank events so he was down to dj and shit got poppin off.
    All of a sudden there were over a hundred people trying to get into the party. One of my good friends that I hadn't seen in months all of a sudden shows up and I take 6 shots right there in 5 minutes, already drunk so I got fucked up. 
    Next thing I know I run into this babe in my math class and she asked me if I wanted to smoke a blunt and of course I accept. All these girls around me are so drunk, one was getting fingered on the floor while I was smoking on the blunt  :yummy:
    I ended up going to this girls house yacked hella because people kept giving me shots. I was on one for sure. I don't even remember how I got there. 
    Well today I come back to my house and there is a condom and earings in the bath tub. It was ratchet. How can I make it so parties don't blow up like that? Should I have a bunch of alcohol and charge people? Because cleaning and setting everything up takes HELLA work. Especially if people leave condoms and messes in the bathroom. SO MUCH broken glass. Parties never were like that before.

  2. Simple, you just have to control who knows about the party. Don't announce it on facebook or twitter, because then a bunch of random people you don't know are going to show up at your house. 
    Personally, I'd make a facebook group next time and invite everyone you want at the party, so then only those select people know about it. 
  3. Did you say it was ratchet?

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  4. Dank events?

  5. love when shit gets ratchets at parties
  6. hella gnarly braj
  7. hella ratchet fo sho.
  8. There was a party in my city that was on the news. It was some high school chick that not very many people knew and her friends or someone totally blew it up. A bunch of Mexicans came and all of the shit in her parents house, who were out of town, got jacked. All of her shit and all of her parents shit. The new generations suck balls.
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    I'm gonna agree with the above and say to limit it to only folks you know, or are expecting to bring a few guests..  Not a load of randoms and a just few folks you know...I have seen some shit like yours that get way out of hand, and you seem not to dig how far it got as is..
    Get like 8-10 cheap handles or a few kegs and have folks pay 5 and Drink all they want. If we were going to throw a bigger party, We used to just get a handstamper or wristbands like a club lol. Actually worked out pretty well. Always knew who "wasn't supposed to be there" at least..
    Oh and I have to ask...
    Is the earring Gold ;) Look for a ##K or three digit marking or w/e and if its of any size, go scrap that B for some bud money or cash to pay someone to clean lol. A gal asked if I needed any help and so I paid a girl in blunts and a half trac to help clean my house up after a party once..
    Some Kids from the rich side of town would do that..They'd steal everyone's family heirloom, Sterling Silver Flatware and Sets, trays, platters, and they were smart about it, only took the solid stuff, left all that was plated. I figure they knew because they grew up with that kind of stuff around. They'd go into bedrooms to steal gold chains and jewelry too...All of my grandmothers flatware was jacked, and a whole lot at that..shes got 6 serving pieces left out of 1000's and 1000's worth of antique silver. They got caught 10 families later and long after all of our shit was melted into bars...
  10. Sounds like some Project X shit. I wouldn't know. I live in a rural area so I just do kickbacks at my property. We have a few acres with a private lake. My smoking and party spot :)
  11. The idea where people get hand stamps sounds like a good one. We are about to throw another party because another roommates birthday is coming up and I bet a lot of people will show up because of the last party, but we are going to make everyone that comes in pay and we will only allow yeah peolpe we know in so it will get rid of the ratchets

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