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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SECNEEK, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. Ok, what's going on.. My plant has had 24/7 lighting for as long as i remember.. u said 12/12 would show the Sex of the plant rite? And i asked in another post if it was possible to tell the sex of a plant be for starting your 12/12 process, and no 1 said anything but "12/12 and u can tell the sex of ur plant." Well i looked at my plant and this is this ball there. i showed u in another pic but here is a new 1.. it has gotten bigger. WHATS THE DEAL??

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  2. you turned your light to 12/12 and got a male ? thats life my friend no gauruntee,s on sex :D. Just keep trying till ya get it right then you will wonder how you got it so wrong in the first place ,lol.
  3. the pics kinda blurie but im pretty sure i see a pollen a sack thats a shity deal dude u should have started 2 just start 2 more or 4 more maybe u'll be better off that way
  4. Sorry bro, if they start looking like little grape clusters kill it.
    Just like real life, some babys are male some female (some transvestite hermie).
    That is why I dont promote one plant set ups,
  5. are the lights on 12/12?.....i don't know if you said that in your earlier post?.......Peace out.......Sid
  6. ok here is the thing...
    I HAVE NOT started my 12/12 process yet!!
    My Lights have been on 24/7, as i said be 4...
    .. what i was trying to say in the previous post was, "CAN YOU TELL IF YOUR PLANT IS A MALE OR A FEMALE BE 4 YOU START YOUR 12/12 PROCESS" i think people didnt understand, or im just not explaining myself correctly..Anyways I said i was Sexing the bottom part of my plant. Because Sid told me to put a bag on the lower half for 12/12 to see what the sex of the plant is going to be, be 4 i begin to flower... i knew early into this grow it could be a 50/50 chance if it was gona be Male or Female.. i would have planted more but it was the ONLY seed in the bag of dank i had. so i took the chance.. excuse me "taking the chance." SORRY of i sound like an asshole, i just got home from work, im tired, im not high yet, and there is a ball on my plant... sorry guys
  7. it is hard to tell at the moment from the pic......but the method does work, however to be 100% if i were you i'd keep doing the black bag thing for a while yet and see if does in deed get bigger and more of them......Peace out......Sid
  8. No problem not tryin to rag you at all,
    I was confused myself by what light schedule your on,
    The plant can be on 24 and the bag on 12/12
    the area of the 12/12 should show sex at some point.

    Good luck
  9. but sid, that ball is at the top of the plant.. its the node underthe top.. there is one on each side. like lined up perfictly here is another pic... im sexing wayy down at the bottom. and i started doingthat yesterday.

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  10. it's a strange one that's for sure.......it is beginning to look like a male....well at lest in the pic......it's not on 12/12.....apart from the bottom where you have a branch covered!.......is there any sign of sex at the bit you've covered?......Peace out......Sid
  11. Na Sid, no sign of Sex at the bottom part here is a pic of the part im sexing

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  12. so what do i do>?
  13. if its a male kill it and start over
  14. Just like your sig....

    All good things.......

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