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  1. So I've moved my self and my hubby in with my sister to help her out. It's going well, usual sister stuff. Big sister teases little sister. Little sister finds ways to get back at said sister. It's all good.

    But they both said I'm a major pot head. And I do admit that I smoke more then them. I smoke all day. And they don't. But I'll be smoking off of one bong load all day, and when I load bongs for my sister she faces the damn near whole thing. And she is good to go the whole night.

    Which would be ok except tonight I loaded a special bowl, with keif and, fresh ground bud from the nice looking bud I saved back. I got to smoke about half of it.

    Oh well. She is going to sleep well tonight. And so am I cause I loaded a fresh bowl and am puffing slowly away at it. Mmmm.

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  2. Huh?!?..........Stab them that'll make think twice.

  3. Wait so they complain about your use, but then smoke your weed? the fuck
  4. Double standards. If my friends were talking down to me like I was lesser for smoking more weed than they do.. They better fuck off if they want my weed, or at least shut the fuck up. What's with siblings thinking they can just be annoying as fuck because their blood?
  5. Hey OP. My ex girlfriend used to rip on me for smoking all day too, but not one bong load, 20-30. She got over it tho and sometimes would even keep up with me. During this time I was also in highschool, and everybody knew i was a huge stoner. Even this one kid who thought he was a big pothead and all this was talking down to me saying i'm high everyday and shit. I think he was just jealous. And then my ex's friends would always talk shit to me, always in school about how i use all the time and smoke to much, i'm like bitch wtf is it to you? the same bitches that to this day still always hit me up for me to smoke with them lol.

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