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  1. PLease help! I planted these clones a few weeks ago. After being planted for approx two weeks I gave them a feed of fish fertilizer (Alaska). I used approx 25% of the reommended solution. I had to to leave for two weeks on business and had a freind watering them for me. When I got home yesterday I found them with brown leaves in the middle. Top and bottom leaves were just fine...now it looks like the "browning" is moving. My temps inside the box is 78-80 degrees...300 watts CFL...please take a look at the pics and tell me what the heck I am doing wrong. By the way, soil is Kelloggs premium. Thanks!

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  2. Shoot your friend then shoot yourself. Haha write just kidding. I just really need to smoke.

    The reason nobody answered you is cause you don't provide any info.

    How often you watering?
    How many tires did you feed with alaska?
    How much per what... 1 gallon?

    It looks like no nutrients are being let in. They are locked out by the lack of knowledge you have...and probably cause of that friend of yours.

    You need better soil than kelloggs frosted flakes. Better luck next time
  3. THanks. I have had this conversation before regarding soil. I know that Fox Farms is the go to soil for most who have access to it but I cant get it where I am at. I used to grow with MG but I was getting really badly burnt plants so I was told by several to switch over to Kelloggs. One grower even said that it had alot of the same qualities as Fox...I dont know about that...anyhow, if its the soil then I guess I can start again:eek:. Im hoping that there is another culprit though.

    -I water every 3-4 days after checking the soil for dryness at the second knuckle of my finger.
    -I have only used Alaska fert once and I used .25 tsp per gallon. No other nutes have been used and this is the first time that I have used fish fertilizer.
    -The plants are in a grow box with 300 watts CFL (I know that CFL isnt the best option on the market but I have managed 2 harvests in this box so far).
    -Temp in the box is 82 at highest with an occasional spike up to 84 (rarely).

    While I was away I called often for updates and the plants were doing fine at first then the middle (and only the middle) leaves started going brown:confused:...I know that nitrogen starved plants usually start with most mature leaves (right?)...Im just reluctant to feed more nitrogen in case I make the problem worse...again, any help at all is appreciated.
  4. It's a root zone issue.

    The soil probably does not contain an ideal nutrient level, but that's really only a small part of the issue.

    Indoors it is vital to use a good quality potting soil that contains perlite. Most growers use at least 20% perlite to increase the porosity of the media and provide more air to the root zone. Without this perlite the roots drown. This causes a whole complex of issues that could be interpreted many different ways above ground. Below ground there is one thing that is clear.

    You have unhappy roots.

    Replanting might save the plant. No guarantees though. What you should look for is an organic potting soil and use 3 parts soil to 1 part perlite. This will get you on the right track.
  5. Yeah just start new in some keloggs with at least 1/4 perlite. Make sure that your RH is around 40-60% range. 80% is ideal for seedling.

    You're feeding it ok. Just not the right soil. and you're right..don't feed unless you're sure it's a deficiency
  6. THanks everyone. Im going to get some more clones going just in case I cant get these girls to come back around...then its back to the drawing board.

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