what the heck man

Discussion in 'General' started by sx420, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Went to a football game last night, and decided I wanted to get cocked..
    I don't ever drink, just smoke, right, and a buddy told me about a "four loko"..
    So I buy one, drink the whole thing in 20 minutes.. The whole game I'm sitting there, no buzz.. not anything at all.. anyone know why?
    i'm 6'1" 210 lbs.. I rarely drink.. I smoke a lot.. but I also drink energy drink's often like monster's and etc..

    any suggestions?
  2. did u eat a whole bunch b4 this strange drink?
  3. Thats the energy beer, right?
  4. It may be because of your weight, weight has a lot to do with how much of a substance you must consume. In comparison my friend is about 6'0 145 pounds, and he drank one four loko, took one shot and he threw up twice and fell asleep sitting in a chair outside.
  5. idk whats wrong with you but 2 of those and i'm trashed
  6. You probably should have drank 2 of em depending on what the alcohol content was. Do you know what % it was?
  7. One four loko is the equivalent of 3 beers if you drink it fast.

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